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This page is meant to explain the reasons why we ask for donations, what they are and will be used for etc.. Feel free to comment/ask questions/suggest below (need to login to comment).


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Who we are

First of all, very important, we are a Social Business ourselves as per Professor Muhammad Yunus' theory which, among other characteristics and as for this page, means we will not rely on donations for our operations!

But, limited to the first couple of years (2013-2014) we do need start-up support from as many socially minded individuals, institutions and companies as possible.

Our mission is offering micro+small+medium Social Enterprises worldwide, state of the art tools to reach their goals, social impact and financial sustainability.

More on us in the About page.


Why we need donations

The study, design and setup of the basic tool of our social business - the social network, - is ready and working also thanks to our first donators to whom we are deeply grateful.

The reason why we ask for help in this second stage of our development is....we have big projects ahead, big ideas and now...very little money left :)

The problem we will solve: micro+small+medium Social Enterprises and institutions rarely have access to technical, managing skills and/or financial resources to setup an effective strategy to reach their goals. Sadly, very often they fail or rely too much on donations which weakens their ability to self-sustain and scale up.

The solution we offer: an integrated web platform to allow each single socially minded Institution and Enterprise to network with each other, find consultants, ask for help and find customers to whom offer their products and services directly. In short, imagine Facebook+Twitter+LinkedIn+Amazon+Ebay all of them in one place with one single purpose: scale up Social Enterprises!

The social impact we will create thanks to your donation: by connecting with a worldwide community, even the smallest Social Enterprise will be able to increase its revenues and therefore create more jobs, solve more social issues, boost its social impact.


What your donations will be used for

Funds received, and here comes again, proudly, our Company's nature - we're a social business - will be totally reinvested in activities, no dividends will be given to the investors (nothing to us!).

Specifically, our main expenses for the coming years 2013-2014 will be:

  1. Mobile Apps development (iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones)
  2. Design and development of our S-Commerce platform (Social Commerce.... a new'll love it! Products and services Made by Social Enterprises for Socially minded people.
  3. PR & Marketing to spread the word and make our community much bigger, a worldwide strong movement of people for people willing to change our world for good, with Good


How much we need, how you can help to create good, social impact

Our platform is organized in a very flexible way so that any donation, will enable us, thanks to you, to offer Social Enterprises and institutions worldwide more tools and features to reach their goals. Few examples:

  • 25 USD x 200 donators will allow us to offer all micro+small+medium Social Enterprises worldwide, very often technically not capable and/or not financially able to do it by themselves, a global, multi-OS set of tools to increase their visibility and therefore their chances to succeed. Just imagine what a 'socially-minded' Facebook+Twitter+LinkedIn could do...
  • 100 USD x 100 donators will enable us to start developing and offering all micro+small+medium Social Enterprises, a cutting-edge Social Commerce system in which each single of them will be able to scale up by offering its products and services to a global audience! Just imagine what a 'socially-minded' Amazon+Ebay could do...


How can we accept donations? How can you donate?

At the moment we can accept donations via Paypal or Bank Wire Transfer.

Paypal's 'Donate' button and our banking details (please note: we use Ethic Bank not a normal, regular one!) on the right column of our pages.


Are donations Tax-deductible?

This depends on your Country's regulations. We are a standard (this is one of the main Professor Yunus' challenges!) Ltd Company so you will receive from us a normal invoice.

Here it is a sample of the receipt we will send you.


Who can donate? How much?

Everyone can help us, socially minded individuals, institutions, enterprises...and any amount would be a ray of light in our days spent in front of a pc screen trying to make this world a much better place, along with all of you!


Will I receive a reward upon donating?

Of course yes, a 'social' one . We'll make you a star! :)

(See a profile page like this to understand)

And your donation will be announced to the whole community via the river, the main page upon loggin in to the site.

If you prefer to stay anonymous...we'll respect that and accept your donation anyways ;)


The SBW Team