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Social Business World is a social network for Socially Minded Individuals & Entrepreneurs. It is the result of Michele and Gianni’s anxiety for making the World a better place. It didn’t develop in a vacuum, but through the inspiration – intended or not – of their beautiful friends and the long hours of work of Rossella who has developed the logo.

The idea: we feel everyone has the capacity of making a difference in his or her everyday life and work. If you are like us, you will probably agree but also wonder how, when and in what way can things actually happen. Social Business World tries to give you answers by creating a community where lessons and insights can be shared and passed on. From simple people to simple people... Just like that.  And here's a few lines about us:


Gianni is one of three brothers born in Venezuela from Italian emigrants. He turned into an emigrant (they also call it world citizen!) himself when he chose to spend his life between Italy, Venezuela, the UK and the US. He is environmental economist by profession and a pathologically curious, optimistic and sociable being by nature. For him poverty is no disgrace, but inability to address its root causes is a major failure of humanity. In SBW Gianni is in charge of contacts with Edu and Governmental Institutions and coordinates the USA group. To contact Gianni send an email to gianni * at * socialbusinessworld.org . Gianni speaks English, Spanish, Italian and French.


Michele was born in the south of Italy, graduated at Siena's University has travelled a lot both for leisure and work enjoying differences between cultures but also suffering for problems very often pretty much the same in many Countries. He’s  lived few years in Spain and Japan, met dozens of great people and then went back to Italy where now lives and works as Marketing & Sales Manager for a small Company. In SBW Michele is in charge of IT, Web marketing, E-commerce and Contacts with grass-roots Movements. To contact Michele send an email to michele * at * socialbusinessworld.org . Michele speaks English, Spanish, Italian and basic, to-hang-out japanese :-)


Gianni and Michele, who have been best friends – should we say brothers? – for (too?) many years, hope to be able to give their contribution to spreading the word about Social Entrepreunership, a new way of thinking economy, business, profit, life itself: respecting human beings and our planet.

Our vision: a world in which working for oneself while at the same time helping others is not only possible, but also profitable and contagious. And the growing Team is the evidence :-)


THE VOLUNTEERS TEAM (in order of joining date)

Eleonora. After living in Japan for 2 years, I moved to Pesaro (Italy) where I worked as Customer service for various companies in the field of interior design and lighting. Noticing directly the working method adopted by the majority of the companies, which was unsustainable from financial, human and environmental point of view, I became involved in Social Business and I recently joined the team of SBW! I think we must change the way of doing business in this world which only enhances greediness without giving the due importance to the human being. I speak Italian, English, Japanese and a little French and Spanish! Please contact me for any questions, doubts or information you would need or share, I will be happy to talk to you! In SBW Eleonora is in charge of Research & Publishing, Contacts with Artists and coordinates the italian group. To contact Eleonora send an email to eleonora * at * socialbusinessworld.org .


Why Social Entrepreunership & Social Business?

  • Because profit is just one of many reasons to create a business and it often fails to bring about individual happiness
  • Because doing things for oneself raises walls, doing things for others brings walls down
  • Because good is contagious, it’s cool, it’s smart, it’s strong
  • Because we can find ourselves also when we focus on something else and on others


Why a community?

  • Because sharing information and knowledge is like water on a fertile soil
  • Because if you are like us, you think that we can all learn from each other to be bigger than ourselves


Do you want to know more about us? They say...


Go to our FAQs page and feel free to read and ask!


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