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Frequently Asked Questions

Category: Help

I can not type any text in the password fields to login or register, why?

If you have Kaspersky Pure installed you should experience this issue only on Internet Explorer.

Try disabling the "Enable Secure Input Keyboard" under Settings>Secure Data Input

How do I add or embed SBW content on my website? I am a webmaster, I own a website

You will find the embed code to copy/paste on each page's right column, at the end, under "Embed this page"

How can I contact other members on SBW?

There are two main options to contact other members on SBW:

- privately by clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the page and composing a new message or by clicking on 'Send message' from the hover menu popping up on the bottom-right corner users' icons (avatars)

- publicly using the mentions feature explained here (

How do I edit Group properties (picture, logo, description,...)?

Very easy.

Go to Group page and click on 'Edit Group' button to access the tabbed edit section for the group.

How do I edit my profile picture?

Very easy.

Go to your profile page by clicking the profile icon ontop of the main menu and click on 'Edit Avatar' in the left column

My Wire messages do not show on Twitter

If your messages in The Wire are not sent automatically to Twitter it is surely either because you have not configured your account properly (settings->configure your tools) or because sometimes the two systems do not count characters in the same way (odd but still happening, sorry), try to write 138 characters long messages and it should work :)

I can't open my SBW mail inbox, why?

Have you tried clicking on the lower left corner of the messages' icon?

The little black and yellow number indicating unread messages is unclickable in some browsers' versions so please just try to click on the white part of the icon (envelope) :)

Why does the Twitter tool want permission to post tweets from me? Or the other permissions?

As member on SBW you have many options to configure not only our platform but also its behaviour with available external tools.

For example, you may want to configure The Wire (our internal short messaging) to automatically post to your Twitter account, or your profile's widgets to read your tweets, etc.

What is The Wire? How do I use it?

The Wire is our internal short messaging feature. It works inside SBW exactly like Twitter does and can also be configured to automatically send messages to Twitter itself (settings->configure your tools to integrate with Twitter). Characters are limited to a maximum of 140.


Problems with videos: can't share (Error fetching data from remote url. Either wrong url or video not found.)

If you experience problems in sharing videos, probably it is up to the connection type established between ours and 3rd party's server (like YouTube).

In most cases, simply replace https protocol with http and it should be ok.

For example:


Also, be sure the link is not a short version but something very similar to:


How can I improve and increase my network? How can I be easily found by people interested in my skills? How can I find people whose skills I am interested in?

Given and granted that we're not selling personal informations (would we truly be a 'social' business then?), the best, easiest, most recommended way is: fill in the more fields possible in your profile page.

Go to Profile->Edit profile

The more we write about ourselves, the easier will be to be found and find relevant infos.

And,not to forget, you can select who can view your profile information so no issues with Privacy!

Tech Help! Can not register, can not login, forgot password, forgot username


 - Please note: our favourite and suggested browser is Mozilla Firefox, free, open source.

Download it here -

We also strongly suggest you to keep your favourite browser up-to-date as our platform is updated often.

If you are experiencing problems registering please try the homepage Register form first by filling in all required fields and clicking on 'Register'.

Alternatively, please try the same procedure from the Register page here

Also, try using a different browser as the one you are using could be facing issues dealing with our registration form.


If you are still unable to register our Spam filters are probably blocking you for some reason. Please send us an email to support [ at ] specifying:

- Full Name (this is what the whole community will see as your name)

- email address

- username . This is the one you want to use to login and be addressed to for Wire messages (Twitter-style, 140 characters, short messaging SBW's internal system)

- password you would like to use on

After that, we'll happily create your account manually and of course, upon logging in you will be able to change your password.

Also, to avoid being marked as spam by other sites and services please check if your email and/or your IP address is/are listed in or


Forgot password: go to , insert your username or email address provided when registering to SBW, click on 'Request' and follow the few steps sent directly to your email inbox.


Forgot username: no worries, to login you can also use the email address provided when registering as username on SBW


Blacklisted domains (due to very high spamming threats):

If you have an email address with the above mentioned blacklisted domains, please send us an email to support [ at ] specifying username and password you would like to use on and we'll happily create your account manually. Of course, upon logging in you will be able to change your password.