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Social Business case study

June 3, 2011 by SBW Team   Comments (2)

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Social Business is a hot topic these days in the enterprise market. We are seeing innovative new products coming out regularly and we are also seeing some consolidation in this space, indicating strong currents in the Social Business marketplace. In this report we discuss how an enterprise is using Salesforce Chatter inside their organization. Even though the focus of the study is on Salesforce Chatter, there are many generic Social Business lessons we can learn from this research...



Don't you think there's plenty of misunderstandings about the definition of Social Business? Doesn't this article talk about how regular commercial organization can simply take advantage of "social" tools to sell more? Using Facebook doesn't mean your business is social as we mean it!

Poor Yunus....his definition is being distorted in many different ways: not-really-social business, social entrepreunership, social responsibility...some of these can be close but definitely not what he mean.

What do you think?

I think we SHOULD help him in getting his message through!


Michele 94 days ago

Great comment Michele, here's my take: what makes a 'social business' truly unique is the driving forse: in the words of Yunus in his "Building Social Business", "The initial thought [when starting a social business] comes from... your human instinct of compassion." In other words, to be such, a social business should start by defining a need, and should be designed so as to aim at solving that need.

Any examples in the US?

Gianni 90 days ago