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    • Monica Clarke

      Monica Clarke

      Raison d’être: Monica describes herself as a development worker whose main aim is to build social capital through developing people. Herself a survivor of physical and sexual abuse, Monica is committed to fighting gender based violence and works to protect the vulnerable, especially children. C...

      Personal Skills: Laughter, dancing, storytelling, writing, poetry

      • Matteo Tangi

        Matteo Tangi

        Matteo Tangi is a sustainable designer and social entrepreneur working as innovation catalyst and consultant across Europe.Graduated in sustainable design in Turin, Istanbul and London, he is the co-founder of the social enterprise projects UP-LAB and PlayUP Design, in which he constantly puts th...

        Tags: writing, TED talks, DANCE, COOKING, COUCHSURFING, meditation, yoga, participatory processes, not violent communication, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

        • Matteo Pasetti

          Matteo Pasetti

          After studying history and literature in Genoa, I started my carreer in communication. A Master degree in Pubblic and Political Communication and a training period in a Public adminstration gave me the first knowledge. Now I work as collaborator for a pubblica agency, Agenzia Liguria Lavoro. Here...

          Tags: Litterature, writing, media, social media

          • Linda Harper

            Linda Harper

            Linda is a marketing strategist in a moving company that provide man and van services in Hampstead and her experience in digital marketing has taught her that there is always space to improve your skills and knowledge. She strongly supports Albert Einstein's belief that “Imagination is more i...

            Tags: traveling, photography, art, marketing, writing

            • Ciri Ceccarini

              Ciri Ceccarini

              Professional Skills: singing, writing, composing, organize

              • Leslie Clayton

                Leslie Clayton

                Leslie has a passion for garden and outdoor activities and she also takes pleasure in traveling. She is a media assistant at a flower shop in London and handles the online campaigns of the company.

                Professional Skills: blogging, writing, online media, social media, marketing

                • Dragonsord


                  I am a web/graphic designer from Canada. Currently I am working on a graphic novel for a company based out of Seattle, Wa. My passions are drawing, writing, and gaming.

                  Tags: Drawing, Writing, Illustrator, Photoshop, Web/Graphic Design

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