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    • Gianni

      Social Business: fare la differenza (iscrizione obbligatoria)

      Il sito dell'organizzatore a questo linkFees: Guarda il sito dell'eventoContact: http://sbflorence.org/2011/05/workshop28giugn/Start time: 09 : 00End time: 17 : 00

      Tags: social business, workshop, yunus social business centre university of florence

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        June 28, 2011 - Social Business Workshop (Italy)

        The newly created Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence (YSBCUF) is organizing a workshop for all those who want to know more about social business, how to create a social business and how to develop the economic and financial dynamics to serve social objectives. The workshop is ad...

        Tags: workshop

        • SBW Team (@admin)

          SOCIAL BUSINESS DAY 2011 - 28 June

          Dhaka - The theme for this year's event will be "Achieving the Millennium Development Goals through Social Business". The event wants to encourage people, companies and governments to think of Social Business as a sustainable way of achieving these goals. More in general, Social Business Day wil...

          Tags: social business day, social business earth, workshop

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            SBW as a social business

            The idea has been roaming in our heads for a while: can Social Business World become a social business itself? We look forward to hear your opinion at [email protected] or by commenting to this news. Meanwhile, we will get started at the YSBCUF workshop on June 28. At the workshop we...

            Tags: ysbfcu, workshop

            • Postribù Onlus

              Appuntamenti di ottobre e novembre

              vi segnaliamo le nostre prossime attività e quelle dei nostri amici di Tularù (Centro di Produzione Sostenibile a Ponzano di Cittaducale), per il periodo di ottobre e novembre 2016 28-29-30 ottobre – Corso di Autocostruzione di una Stufa Pirolitica Dove: Tularù (15 ...

              Tags: postribù, Rieti, Lazio, agricoltura, alimentazione, Biologico, eco-turismo, energia, Gruppi di Acquisto Solidali, iniziative, autocostruzione, corso, gruppo di acquisto solidale, tularù, workshop

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