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    • Jeff Mowatt

      Smart aid http://economics4humanity.wordpress.com/2012/12/05/smart-aid/ #smartaid #whypoverty #socent

      • Michele (@michele)

        -3 days 2 my 'e-revolution'...delete Facebook account. Why to leave all of those info to a commercial company? New Policy on data usage? Bye

        • Michele (@michele)

          @JeffMowatt Nice articles in your blog! A to your Q is the main reason why SBW was founded: most SEs r small,no critical mass...if joined...

          • Michele (@michele)

            @JeffMowatt Why not? Even if, maybe, this would weaken the purpose of #sbworld: focus on #socbiz #socent noise-free no ads no ext links ...

            • Rossella

              Interesting article by Lisa Canning "U.S. No Longer Top 10 in Prosperity- Why Culture Matters": http://tinyurl.com/b6n8u9s

              • Michele (@michele)

                Cheers @PaulEMcGinniss http://goo.gl/Qc9Nc The Power of Collective Action,that's why @SocialBusinessW was born & we r a #socbiz ourselves :)

                • Michele (@michele)

                  Many say #sustainability is a niche subject. Why? Let's make it massive, let's spread it, let's join together to improve our world! #sbworld

                  • Michele (@michele)

                    http://goo.gl/YxgbtK ...and many still asking us why we dedicated a social network to #ethics #socbiz #socent #sustainability ...

                    • SBW Team (@admin)

                      Couldn't agree more! http://goo.gl/xld0PI by Jane Wei-Skillern @SSIReview. This is why socialbusinessworld.org was created. #socent #socbiz

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