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    • Michele (@michele)

      What Happened In the Basement?

      The true story of the Harlem 7 -- a group of T-Mobile workers who stood up to company oppression and voted to form a union. Find out what happened then click http://ctt.ec/3_qxS to tell T-Mobile USA and its parent company Deutsche Telekom #WeExpectBetter.

      • Michele (@michele)

        Walmart Supply Chain

        From a factory in Bangladesh to a Walmart store near you - the story of a $5.97 t-shirt. This video takes a look at Walmart's history of worker mistreatment - incl...

        • Michele (@michele)

          Detox: How People Power is Cleaning Up Fashion

          ...ativity, design skills and purchasing power to demand fashion without pollution. United by a shared belief that the clothes we wear should carry a story we can be proud of, activists...

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