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      Don’t Confuse Your Impact Story With Your Unique Selling Point https://medium.com/@riannekleingeltink/dont-confuse-your-impact-story-with-your-unique-selling-point-2e266038a1b1 #socialBusiness

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        Have you considered entering the "DO IT RIGHT" contest with your video story? Check here https://socialbusinessworld.org/file/download/515986 Cheers

        • Michele (@michele)

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          Do you know the story of Aaron Swartz? You should. It's about internet, it's about freedom, it's about us. Contributions also by Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the Internet...

          • Michele (@michele)

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            ...ther tools such as Blog for example whose posts are anyways also announced to the community via the activity river. Please allow me to share this story from your website which is so...

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