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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Social Business World - V2 released!

      ...lose any info on us, make SBW Team (http://socialbusinessworld.org/profile/admin) your friend on the community! This is the real beginning of our story, this is The Social Network f...

      • LFBC


        ...amente dal gruppo che inizialmente non riusciva ad arrivare ad un dunque sul tema da scegliere. Deciso quello, ogni studente ha disegnato uno story board da seguire durante le r...

        • SBW Team (@admin)

          Massimo Fiorani, owner of Prometeo tells us about his "natural passion" for emmer

          ...eteo. How did this "natural passion" start? What is the story of Prometeo? The story of Prometeo has been a contin...always been at the center of our work as a cereal linked to the history of man with excellent nutriti...

          • Jeff Mowatt

            The NHS when profit comes before people

            Four years ago in 2010, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley declared that social enterprise was initerpreted too narrowly. At the time I asked what others defined as socia...

            • ura soul

              finding true balance in society and the implications for online privacy

              ...need' to have access to the web browsing history of everyone in britain, to &#...vil and destructive acts in the recorded human story on earth. FACT: a mass of e...further our own power position in society - history and logic shows us that this...

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