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    • Greenpink project

      Greenpink project

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        Wikipedia's view of the world is written by the west Research by Oxford University shows five rich c...https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/sep/15/wikipedia-view-of-the-world-is-still-written-by-the-west...

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        • mite

          Hello everybody, up with sustainable life! All the best

          • Xavier GRIMAULT

            see wiser.org if you want to expand your socent and sustainable network !

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            • SBW Team (@admin)

              Social Business World - V2 released!

              ...the birth of a completely new socialbusinessworld.org as of today, Dec. 1st 2012! Y...k by voting this poll (http://socialbusinessworld.org/polls/view/47042/do-you-l...our story, this is The Social Network for a Sustainable World! Cheers SBW Team

              • SBW Team (@admin)

                Happiness...and tip

                ...nity of people+social enterprises+consultants committed to a better, sustainable world. Well, we feel happy, what a...rises to find you immediately when searching through Social Business World. It's a few minutes effort wh...

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                • SBW Team (@admin)

                  Status update by SBW Team (@admin)

                  Isn't it sad? Friends, don't be lazy, share the word about what we're doing here, let's join together and work for a sustainable world!

                  • Mohamed Badr

                    Cultural Sustainable Tourism Conference Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST- 2017) discusses the complex relations between Culture, and...aintain it. Registration link: http://www.ierek.com/events/cultural-susta...

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                    • Cristina Toti

                      Supporto per pagare una devoluzione di denaro all Inps

                      hola, me llamo Cristina Toti os cuento que estoy haciendo un crowdfunding,...aca el link a la. pagina de crowdfunding https://socialbusinessworld.org/permalink/default/1021445/social-business-world?uh=2937bb281b5b912ac4c5eb090b...

                      • Narges Mofarahian


                        AGRIshelter é un prototipo di case in autocos...rgency, in particular the issue of refugees in the world. The project was conceived as...f rice straw bale, a deviation of the agricultural world. The fact of our innovativ...

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                      • Sustainable and Ethical Clothing
                        • open group
                        • 15 members

                        Sustainable and Ethical Clothing

                        Discuss, share and contact those who are interested in sustainable fashion.
                      • SBW Italia
                        • open group
                        • 81 members

                        SBW Italia

                        In questo gruppo vogliamo coinvolgere gli italiani nella diffusione della nuova filosofia del Social Business; vogliamo condividere, discutere, imparare gli uni dagli altri. Se ancora non lo hai fatto, iscriviti subito, ti aspettiamo!
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                        • SBW Team (@admin)

                          2013 Starts! All SBW new features!

                          Dear SBWers, This is a post to once more wish you a great, social 2013 and to recap all of the New features introduced with our last major platform upgrade to empower our community. Totally new graphic. Well, you should have kind of noticed it :) Like it? Like it not? Vote and comment here! ...

                          Tags: socialbusinessworld.org, new features, starting 2013, social network, sustainable world

                          • Greenpink project

                            Greenpink project

                            Per rendere fattiva un'economia sostenibile abbiamo creato "Compra il Mondo in cui Credi", un meccanismo che ti consente di soddisfare i tuoi bisogni quotidiani, scegliendo tra migliaia di prodotti green, finanziando direttamente le attività che corrispondono ai tuoi valori senza sp...

                            Tags: green economy, green, green jobs, green energy, greenews, social business, social commerce, social economy, social business earth, charity, sustainable world, women, human rights. Personal Skills: charity, social business, sustainable world, Bioeconomia

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