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    • Cristina Toti

      Supporto per pagare una devoluzione di denaro all Inps

      hola, me llamo Cristina Toti os cuento que estoy haciendo un crowdfunding,...aca el link a la. pagina de crowdfunding https://socialbusinessworld.org/permalink/default/1021445/social-business-world?uh=2937bb281b5b912ac4c5eb090b...

      • Narges Mofarahian


        AGRIshelter é un prototipo di case in autocos...rgency, in particular the issue of refugees in the world. The project was conceived as...f rice straw bale, a deviation of the agricultural world. The fact of our innovativ...

        • Forestalp

          Salviamo la Forestalp "Natura in Movimento"

          *** VIDEO HERE (in italian) *** [player url="...olta fondi la trovate su SBW https://socialbusinessworld.org/campaigns/view/806171/abo...s project with a community that dreams of a better world. Thanks to Michele Paolini an...

          • Altra Velocit√†

            [Conclusa / Ended] - Altra Velocità in Festa

                  *** CAMPAIGN ENDED, THANK YOU...olidarius Italia, Iris, Fairwatch, Social Business World, Comune-info, LoFaccioBene, S...cita.info CONTATTI: [email protected]world.org QUANDO: dal 29/06/2018...

            • LFBC


              ITALIANO - FRANÇAIS - ENGLISH   c’è chi si lamenta, e poi...on-competitive contest "School that meets", the only contest in the world in which all participants win...

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