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  • Sustainable and Ethical Clothing
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    Sustainable and Ethical Clothing

    Discuss, share and contact those who are interested in sustainable fashion.
    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Vandana Shiva: Biodiversity and Food sovereignty

      Just few lines to say hello to the ones we met yesterday in Arcevia after Vandana Shiva's speech on Biodiversity and Food sovereignty. It was a great afternoon, nice people and a lot of positive energy around! Here they are some tweets from our personal, @SocialBusinessW and @SBW_Italia account...

      Tags: sbw, sbw team, arcevia, vandana shiva, speech, biodiversity, food sovereignty, sustainable, agriculture

      • Michele (@michele)

        #WFD2013 Millions suffering chronic hunger AND Millions, natural resources, water, food wasted worldwide. Is this anymore #sustainable?

        Tags: WFD2013, sustainable

        • Michele (@michele)

          Reminder: What r we doing on SBW? Building a (g)local community of active, committed members to a #sustainable world through #socbiz #socent

          Tags: sustainable, socbiz, socent

          • EleonoraG

            Fashion & Social Enterprise benefit communities in Philippines (from Guardian Sustainable Business)

            During last month's International Fashion Showcase, The Manila Wear showcase from the Philippines was the only one that highlighted how six designers incorporate indigenous sustainable materials into their designs. In addition, each designer had either a partnership with an NG...

            Tags: sustainable, fashion, philippines, international fashion showcase

            • SBW Team (@admin)

              Social Business World -

              Tags: social network, social entrepreunership, social business, sustainable, sustainability, ethical, better world, ethics

              • EleonoraG

                Fair Trade movement and African farmers call for urgent action to put small-scale cotton farmers on the global agenda on sustainable textiles

                “Cotton farmers are the first and forgotten step of a long and complex production chain that ends in our wardrobes. Economic and institutional stakeholders must enable those who grow our clothes to make a living with their work. Fairtrade is the answer to this challenge”, stated ...

                Tags: sustainable, fashion, cotton, fair trade, africa, wfto

                • Narges Mofarahian


                  AGRIshelter é un prototipo di case in autocostruzione per casi di emergenza, in particolare per la questione dei profughi nel mondo. Il progetto è stato concepita come metodo di integrazione sociale ed economica, aiutando chi ci abita di creare lavori n...

                  Tags: refugees, emergenza, sustainable world, community, emergency, shelter, agrishelter, sustainable, housing

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