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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Pretending or not pretending? http://goo.gl/3iSphM #sharedvalue Status: yes it’s a bit Complicated. What do you think? #good #sustainability

      Tags: sharedvalue, good, sustainability

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        SBW's sustainability, good green practices, server and consistency

        Dear SBWers, today a post due since a long time ago which we finally sit down to write :) SBW's sustainability, good practices and consistency. Let's start from the server and hosting Company we are working with. Our platform, based on open source software as for the core and many plugins the...

        Tags: SBW, sustainability, good practices, green practices, server, consistency, green energy, waste management, water, printing, solar panels, photovoltaic panels, ethic bank, organic products, commuting, environmental impact

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          Great ideas http://goo.gl/tQznek working so disconnected from each other? @michele 4 teamworking 4 #sustainability #socent #socbiz #socinn

          Tags: sustainability, socent, socbiz, socinn

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            Suggested readings by Jennifer Morgan http://goo.gl/MH4lvB Up with #socent #socbiz #sustainability against #poverty

            Tags: socent, socbiz, sustainability, poverty

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              For #sustainability this http://youtu.be/VFLSKvT7Eac and much more! :) Let's Scale Up #socent and #socbiz together! http://goo.gl/D37iIj

              Tags: sustainability, socent, socbiz

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                -3 DAYS! Help us & spread the word. Rewards for all Donators, check http://goo.gl/D37iIj #crowdfunding #socent #socbiz #sustainability

                Tags: crowdfunding, socent, socbiz, sustainability

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                  Wishing a fruitful and rewarding new "social" yr to the Forbes' 30 under 30 Class of 2014! #socent #sustainability http://onforb.es/1lPBPiO

                  Tags: socent, sustainability

                  • Benjamin Silverman

                    Benjamin Silverman

                    I traveled through most of Europe, South America, North America, and South East Asia.  Aside from traveling I actually lived in Spain, Argentina, Alaska, California, and Australia. Some of the highlights of this time were working for Green Peace and Amnesty International in Australia, volunteerin...

                    Tags: Travel, camping, permaculture, sustainability, meditation, biking, knowing people, helping people

                    • EleonoraG

                      Textiles manufacturers can't avoid circular economy principles forever

                      The textile sector is water intensive and wasteful. As cotton prices fluctuate and agricultural land for food runs out, it needs a new business model.

                      Tags: fashion, textile, sustainability, textile industry

                      • Tara La Blanca

                        Tara La Blanca

                        Tara La Blanca makes honest business from developing and trading premium goods made by indigenous people in the Philippines. We are a social enterprise serving as partner for product development and market expansion. We buy and distribute the best goods they produce at fair prices. When we ...

                        Tags: Poverty Alleviation, education, Sustainable Development, sustainability, human rights, environmental impact, environment

                        • SBW Team (@admin)

                          Social Business World -

                          Tags: social network, social entrepreunership, social business, sustainable, sustainability, ethical, better world, ethics

                          • Michele Bernelli

                            Michele Bernelli

                            Professional Skills: sustainability, organic products, ecotourism, travel, urban cycling

                            • EleonoraG


                              ENG After living in Japan for 2 years, I moved to Pesaro (Italy) where I worked as Customer Service for various companies in the field of interior design and lighting. Noticing directly the working method adopted by the majority of the companies, which was unsustainable from financial, human a...

                              Tags: social enterprise, social innovation, sustainability, social media, literature, japan

                              • EleonoraG

                                Earth Overshoot Day 2015 is on Aug. 13th

                                Engaging sustainability videos to learn & teach. More sustainability videos on www.sustainabilityillustrated.com & http://www.youtube.com/learnsustainability Subscribe to receive the latest videos: http://alturl.com/jc8u6 Become a patron: http://www.patreon.com/sustainability. Extra info ...

                                Tags: overshoot, overshoot day, footprint, global footprint network, sustainability illustrated, sustainability

                                • Greenpink project

                                  Presentazione Greenpink project

                                  greenpink.eu è il sito di ecommerce del Progetto Greenpink: siamo il primo Charity-Store senza scopo di lucro che devolve il margine ai beneficiari scelti dagli utenti. Tramite il Charity Store Greenpink vogliamo finanziare il terzo settore, ampliandone le capacità e offrendo r...

                                  Tags: charity, ecommerce, green economy, sustainability, social business

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