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    • Michele (@michele)


      Tags: socialbusinessworld.org, altrementi festival 2012, don chisciotte, rimini, san marino, michele paolini

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        Happy First Birthday socialbusinessworld from the team

        Tags: happy birthday, first birthday, socialbusinessworld.org, team, june 2nd 2012, sbwers, community, social business, sbw, social business world, social network, maci, massimo cavallari

        • EleonoraG

          Michele Paolini ad Altrementi festival 2012 presenta Social Business World

          (reshare) Michele Paolini ad Altrementi festival 2012 presenta Social Business World e spiega il concetto di social business

          Tags: michele paolini, socialbusinessworld.org, social business, altrementi festival, 2012

          • EleonoraG

            Social Business World sarà a Terra Futura 2013!

            Carissimi amici del Gruppo Italia, come anticipato da Michele qualche giorno fa, siamo davvero felici di informarvi che noi di SBW parteciperemo alla decima edizione di  Terra Futura 2013, manifestazione culturale che si terrà a Firenze presso la Fortezza da Basso dal 17 al 19 Maggio...

            Tags: Terra Futura, socialbusinessworld.org, fortezza da basso, banca etica, firenze, sostenibilità, etica

            • SBW Team (@admin)

              Why to sign up to socialbusinessworld.org? Why should you join us?

              Dear SBWers, Today we're happy because we have the chance to show you, our members and friends that not only we are a learning organization but we learn from you! :) After few messages, Skype calls and offline meetings, we realized that a 'Why to join us' page was and is still very much needed ...

              Tags: why to join, socialbusinessworld.org, social business world, marco crescenzi

              • SBW Team (@admin)

                2013 Starts! All SBW new features!

                Dear SBWers, This is a post to once more wish you a great, social 2013 and to recap all of the New features introduced with our last major platform upgrade to empower our community. Totally new graphic. Well, you should have kind of noticed it :) Like it? Like it not? Vote and comment here! ...

                Tags: socialbusinessworld.org, new features, starting 2013, social network, sustainable world

                • EleonoraG

                  Perché iscriversi a socialbusinessworld.org? Perché unirsi a noi?

                    Perché iscriversi a socialbusinessworld.org? Perché unirsi a noi?   I nostri valori aggiunti:   1- Un unico luogo, globale, per parlare di un mondo sostenibile senza "rumori di fondo".   L'universo dell'impresa s...

                  Tags: socialbusinessworld.org, social business, ragioni, perché, iscriversi, individuo, istituzione, impresa sociale, consulente

                  • SBW Team (@admin)

                    News! SBW's JOB BOARD!

                    Dear SBWers,today a VERY important announcement for us to show all of you and our future members that we are not simply 'talking' about social entrepreunership, which is anyway vital to share, increase and improve knowledge, but also actively participating in its development and scaling up!How?We...

                    Tags: jobs, job board, socialbusinessworld.org, social business world, find job, post job, freelancer, part time, full time, new service, free

                    • SBW Team (@admin)

                      Donations, not only money, many THANK YOUs!

                      Hello, Once again we are moved and happy to write a blog post to thank you, our newest members, not only for joining us but also for donating what you can, how you can. We have lately received few enquiries more or less on the same topic "How can I help?", "How much should I donate?" Well, the...

                      Tags: donations, how much, how can I help, socialbusinessworld.org, sbw, social business world

                      • EleonoraG

                        Terra Futura 2013: sogni, esperienze, incontri

                        Carissimi amici, di ritorno da Terra Futura, vorrei farvi partecipi delle nostre emozioni in merito a questa bellissima esperienza che ci ha permesso di incontrare persone meravigliose nonché imprese sociali e associazioni molto interessanti, con le quali abbiamo, condiviso sogni e speran...

                        Tags: Terra Futura, socialbusinessworld.org, impresa sociale, firenze, sostenibilità, etica, business, gas, associazioni

                        • SBW Team (@admin)

                          Social Business World official web banners

                          Dear SBWers, We were just offered beautiful banners by a new friend, Mike K. from the US who hasn't signed up to SBW yet (as of June 6th, 2013) but wishes us all the best through his art. THANK YOU MIke! So, if you own a website, blog, network or would like to help us in spreading the word abou...

                          Tags: banners, sbw, social business world, socialbusinessworld.org, official

                          • SBW Team (@admin)

                            Elgg Camp Italy 2016 - SBW Extended Version

                              [Pagina in italiano qui] Dear SBWers, Friends, We are extremely excited and proud to announce that from May 20th to 22nd the First Elgg Camp Italy will take place! Moreover in an extended version format!   ORGANIZERS:   &nb...

                            Tags: elgg, camp, extended, 2016, sbw, socialbusinessworld.org, social business world, Italy, event

                            • Michele (@michele)


                              Siccome ce lo chiedono spesso e ci teniamo...verificare con strumenti esterni è fondamentale: navigare su socialbusinessworld.org riceve.... tutte A = massimo livello di sicurezza. Bene dai :)

                              Tags: sicurezza, navigazione, sbw, socialbusinessworld.org

                            Please help maintain SBW!

                            We rely on your ETHICAL SHOPPING at our Marketplace and your DONATIONS via Paypal or via Satispay. See latest Donators.

                            Via banktransfer to: Social Business World - Ethic Bank (Banca Etica) - Branch: Ancona (Italy) - IBAN: IT73B0501802600000011519097 - BIC/SWIFT: CCRTIT2T84A

                            Consider supporting us now. Thank you!

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