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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      socialbusinessworld Michele Paolini Altrementifestival 2012.flv

      Tags: michele paolini, socialbusinessworld, social business world, social business, altrementifestival, 2012

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        New video presentation (in italian) by Michele Paolini is online!

        Dear friends, It is our very pleasure to announce that finally the video of the presentation given by Michele Paolini (co-founder of Social Business World) at Altrementi festival (www.altrementifestival.org) is online, in italian language at the moment. A must-watch to better understand social ...

        Tags: social business world, socialbusinessworld, altrementi festival, altrementifestival, 2012, michele paolini, presentation, video, audio, photos

        • EleonoraG

          Social Business World ad Altrementifestival, 12 marzo 2012

          Alcune immagini della serata inaugurale dell'Altrementifestival ( www.altrementifestival.org ) organizzato dall'associazione culturale Don Chisciotte. Conferenza di Michele Paolini, co-fondatore di socialbusinessworld.org

          Tags: socialbusinessworld, michele paolini, altrementifestival, 2012, social business

          • EleonoraG

            Conferenza di Michele Paolini ad Altrementifestival 2012 solo audio

            File audio della conferenza di Michele Paolini ad Altrementifestival 2012 su socialbusinessworld.org ed il concetto di social business. Si ringrazia l'associazione culturale Don Chisciotte. Se preferisci il video, lo trovi in questa pagina: http://socialbusinessworld.org/pg/videolist/watch...

            Tags: audio, michele paolini, socialbusinessworld, altrementifestival, social business, don chisciotte, 2012

            • EleonoraG

              socialbusinessworld Michele Paolini Altrementifestival 2012.flv

              Tags: socialbusinessworld, social business, michele paolini, altrementifestival, don chisciotte, 2012

              • SBW Team (@admin)

                Bad News from Bangladesh, let's help Grameen Bank under attack!

                Sadly politicians not really always seem to care for human beings development. The Grameen Bank, the bank of the village, the bank of the poor, the bank of women is risking its independence. A detailed article by David Bornstein at this link ( http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/22/an-a...

                Tags: bangladesh, grameen bank, microfinance, muhammad yunus, david bornstein, socialbusinessworld

                • SBW Team (@admin)

                  Please Back up your shared videos' links ...

                  Hello, we'll be soon upgrading the whole platform which will use a new video sharing service not compatible with the one now used and active on SBW. Therefore we kindly ask all of you SBWers to backup your shared videos' links and re-share once SBW V2 will be online. Sorry for any inconvenienc...

                  Tags: sbw, socialbusinessworld, video, share, upgrade, back up

                  • SBW Team (@admin)

                    SBW - Pictures of us and our story

                    ...evolving album :)

                    Tags: sbw, socialbusinessworld, the story

                    • SBW Team (@admin)

                      SBW V2 December 2012

                      Social Business World V2 December 2012

                      Tags: sbw, socialbusinessworld, version, december, 2012

                      • SBW Team (@admin)

                        Social Business World - V2 released!

                        Dear SBWers, Some of you already saw it but not yet the majority so...we're happy and proud to officially annouce the birth of a completely new socialbusinessworld.org as of today, Dec. 1st 2012! Your opinion is vital to us, tell us what you think by voting this poll (http://socialbusinessworl...

                        Tags: sbw, socialbusinessworld, v2, official release

                        • SBW Team (@admin)

                          Why should you sign up to socialbusinessworld.org? Why should you join us?

                          [ Leggi qui la pagina in italiano ]   Why should you sign up to socialbusinessworld.org? Why should you join us? Our added values 1 - One-stop, comprehensive place for Social Entrepreunership. The SE/SB universe is spread across thousands of blogs, websites, generic s...

                          Tags: socialbusinessworld, social business world, faq, why, register, sign up, individual, institution, business, reason, reasons

                          • EleonoraG

                            Le nostre congratulazioni al Comitato Addio Pizzo!

                              La Schwab Foundation ha pubblicato la lista  dei migliori imprenditori sociali dell'anno, e fra questi, ne spicca uno che ci rende molto orgogliosi di essere italiani: il Comitato Addiopizzo, che da tempo si batte contro la criminalità organizzata e il racket del pizzo fornend...

                            Tags: schwab foundation, social entrepreneur of the year, addiopizzo, italia, premio, socialbusinessworld

                            • SBW Team (@admin)

                              Social Business World: Why to Join us

                              Problems playing the video? Here it it the direct link to YouTube   Social Business World: Why to Join us. Short presentation on the reasons why and how our community is different and engaging for social enterprises, social businesses, socially minded individuals and consultants. Let's imp...

                              Tags: socialbusinessworld, why, join us

                              • SBW Team (@admin)

                                Terra Futura 2013: dreams, projects, social business!

                                Terra Futura 2013: dreams, projects, social business! Here few pics, more coming soon along with a short video. We met dozens of great people, spoke about many interesting projects and presented ours. Donators, this was thanks to you all! Cheers The SBW Team

                                Tags: terra futura, 2013, social business world, sbw, socialbusinessworld, donators, picture, pictures

                                • SBW Team (@admin)

                                  Parlano, dicono, mostrano, raccontano, scrivono di noi ...

                                  Il contenuto di questa pagina è stato spostato nella pagina "Chi siamo - Dicono di noi" a questo link.   Un grazie sincero a tutti e se abbiamo dimenticato qualcuno/qualcosa, non esitate a segnalarcelo nei commenti, rimedieremo immediatamente! :)

                                  Tags: socialbusinessworld, dicono di noi, parlano di noi, scrivono di noi

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