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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Consumers Vs. Politic Activists?

        A very interesting study made by Hevas Worldwide  surveyed 10.216 respondent aging 18 to 55 all around the globe, finding that people are now perceiving a new form of power, shifting from governments' hands to personal responsibility, social media and corporations. Following highlig...

      Tags: consumers, prosumers, politics, power, ethics, social media, socialbusinessworld.sbw

      • EleonoraG

        Politica vs Responsabilità personale

        Un interessante studio eseguito da Havas Worldwide su un campione di 10.216 individui di età compresa fra 18 e 55 anni e residenti in tutte le parti delmondo, ha rivelato come al giorno d'oggi si sia formata una nuova percezione del potere che sembra passato dalle mani dei governi a quella...

        Tags: consumatori, prosumer, social innovation, etica, social business, social media, corporation, hevas worldwide, social business world, sbw

        • Matteo Pasetti

          Matteo Pasetti

          After studying history and literature in Genoa, I started my carreer in communication. A Master degree in Pubblic and Political Communication and a training period in a Public adminstration gave me the first knowledge. Now I work as collaborator for a pubblica agency, Agenzia Liguria Lavoro. Here...

          Tags: Litterature, writing, media, social media

          • EleonoraG


            ENG After living in Japan for 2 years, I moved to Pesaro (Italy) where I worked as Customer Service for various companies in the field of interior design and lighting. Noticing directly the working method adopted by the majority of the companies, which was unsustainable from financial, human a...

            Tags: social enterprise, social innovation, sustainability, social media, literature, japan

            • EleonoraG

              Social Business World a Fà la Cosa Giusta Umbria

              @michele co-fondatore di Social Business World, sarà presente a Fà la Cosa Giusta Umbria per parlare di social media etici con Roberto Brioschi, Francesca Gherzi e Christian Cabrera. L'appuntamento è per il 4 Ottobre alle 13.30 in piazzetta Fair Lab, Umbriafiere d...

              Tags: social business world, michele paolini, fà la cosa giusta, umbria, social media

              • Michele (@michele)

                Why I think social media sucks

                Well, not all Social Media are the same but pretty much agree :)  

                Tags: social media, suck, Essena O'Neill

                • Linda Harper

                  Linda Harper

                  Linda is a marketing strategist in a moving company that provide man and van services in Hampstead and her experience in digital marketing has taught her that there is always space to improve your skills and knowledge. She strongly supports Albert Einstein's belief that “Imagination is more i...

                  Personal Skills: digital marketing, social networking, social media

                  • Jimmy McCoy

                    Jimmy McCoy

                    Highly motivated and experienced marketing manager, in a moving company that provides removals and storage services in Croydon. After more then 5 years in the marketing field, currently seeking a new challenge which will utilise my meticulous attention to detail, and friendly, professional manner...

                    Tags: social media, write, photos. Personal Skills: digital marketing, networks, marketing, social media

                    • Samantha Goodman

                      Samantha Goodman

                      Samantha Goodman is a digital marketing assistant and specialized in problems of organization and digital marketing. I am a part of Handy Cleaners. I think that we have to take the time to commit ourselves to whatever community we are a part of so we can better it. We should participate with a jo...

                      Professional Skills: Website content, Marketing, social media

                      • Leslie Clayton

                        Leslie Clayton

                        Leslie has a passion for garden and outdoor activities and she also takes pleasure in traveling. She is a media assistant at a flower shop in London and handles the online campaigns of the company.

                        Professional Skills: blogging, writing, online media, social media, marketing

                        • SBW Team (@admin)

                          Sacha Baron Cohen Slams Social Media Companies: 'Your Product Is Defective' | NBC News

                          "Social Medi" are not all the same btw. Struggling since 8 years ago not "to algorythm you". Thank you SBWers for being here.

                          Tags: social media, sasha baron cohen, criticism

                          • cameron78


                            Kevin Cameron is part of a team that works in a well-established skip hire company in London. He lives and works in London and some of his passions include playing board games, cooking sea food and woodworking and furniture making.

                            Personal Skills: Marketing, social business, Media, Social media

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