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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Nice http://goo.gl/dtZBp but what if social media efforts would be made into social networks created by #socent for #socbiz? #sbworld

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        R U student social entrepreneur? #UW Global Social Entrepreneurship #Competition (GSEC) http://goo.gl/dH08j #socent #sbworld #socbiz @UW

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        • SBW Team (@admin)

          Social Business case study

          Social Business is a hot topic these days in the enter...n this space, indicating strong currents in the Social Business marketplace. In this report we discu...s on Salesforce Chatter, there are many generic Social Business lessons we can learn from...

          • Michele (@michele)

            Chat in tempo reale con il team SBW ora possibile

            ...enza è stata attivata sul marketplace ma naturalmente saremo l...da anche inerente la piattaforma social SBW. Come funziona? Come v...ccede? Da tutte le pagine del marketplace etico è visibile in ba...Per domande sulla piattaforma social di SBW che possono attendere un po...

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            • Luca `fero` Ferroni

              Come Amazon sta conquistando il mondo

              con il social marketplace e anche i GAS c'è un'importante opportunità di differenziarsi... la coglieremo prima noi / il mondo ecosol o la coglierà prima Amazon?

              • Michele (@michele)

                Introducing Yunus Social Business

                Co-founded by Peace Nobel Laureate Professor Yunus, YSB initiates and manages social business development programm...ch, select, coach and develop social business projects, the funds...ing into Togo and Tunisia. A Social Business is a company created...jective of the company. Since social busi...

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                • Emma

                  HUB Talks: The Challenge of Measuring Social Impact

                  On the 24th January 2013, HUB Westminster will be hosting a critical deba...on ‘The Challenge of Measuring Social Impact’. There has been...cussion about the value of measuring social impact but alongside this are...limited resources manage to do this? Social inve...

                  • EleonoraG

                    SOCIAL INNOVATION & SOCIAL BUSINESS 2013

                    ‘How Social Innovation will make the difference?’ quali opportunità operative si apron...Quali saranno i possibili scenari operativi e come i diversi attori sociali potranno investire in Social Inno...

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                    • Michele (@michele)

                      Aggiornamento di stato: di Michele (@michele)

                      Working hard on the Social Commerce which is already becoming a Social Marketplace! No holidays but great time adding beautiful and healthy products by Ethical manufacturers. Can't wait to go online in September, stay tuned!

                      • Michele (@michele)

                        Aggiornamento di stato: di Michele (@michele)

                        Arrivano altre soddisfazioni dal Social Marketplace...a "locale in apertura" :). Ho ap...tante il sito come incontro di quel mondo "social business" per il nostro proge...ave; esattamente quello che sarà il Social Marketplace, è esattamente quello...

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