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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      SBW Team (@admin)

      Company Name: Social Business WorldCompany Type: Social BusinessI am a: Social BusinessAbout me: Simply us....trying to make our Dream of a better world come true! More info on us on the About page

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        Company Name: Social Business WorldCompany Type: Social Business

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        • Gianni

          Comment on "Social Business case study"

          ...nt Michele, here's my take: what makes a 'social business' truly unique is the drivin...e: in the words of Yunus in his "Building Social Business", "The initial thought [when...ompassion." In other words, to be such, a social business should start by defining a ne...

          • Gianni

            Comment on "Learning about social business"

            ...hammed Yunus's book (Building Social Business) and he makes a distinction between 'social entrepreneurship' and 'social business'. I want to take your post..., non-dividend company with a social objective. A social business m...ys: "When you start a social business, you don't begin by looking f...

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            • Bernardo Javalquinto

              First School of Social Business First School of Social Business When studying economics at the University of Maryland, one of my courses in economic development was required to read a book by Profes

              • Bernardo Javalquinto


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                • Michele (@michele)

                  Introducing Yunus Social Business

                  ...us, YSB initiates and manages social business development programmes, including incubator funds for social businesses, in several countries. Wh...ing into Togo and Tunisia. A Social Business is a company created for soci...jective of the company. Since social businesses have to compete in t...

                  • EleonoraG

                    socialbusinessworld Michele Paolini Altrementifestival 2012.flv

                    Social Business World: un network diverso per un business diverso. Conferenza di presentazione di www.socialbusinessworld.o...ato da una crisi profonda. Il social business si propone come un diverso mo...onfini del concetto di social business così come teorizzato dal Prof...

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                    • Bernardo Javalquinto

                      Social Business: Odyssey of the Third Millennium

                      Can social objectives be achieved more effic...tly and effectively by adopting a social business format that is sustainable?...be solved through the creation of Social Business. This is a form of business t...nvestment and cost reduction. The social business concept goes far beyond accom...

                      • EleonoraG

                        SOCIAL INNOVATION & SOCIAL BUSINESS 2013

                        ‘How Social Innovation will make the difference?&r...nari operativi e come i diversi attori sociali potranno investire in Social Innovation e Social Business, piuttosto che esserne (peric...ati/ConvegnoSocialInnovation&SocialBusiness%20def.pdf    

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                        • Bernardo Javalquinto

                          Status update by Bernardo Javalquinto

                          The Social Business School starts via e-learning April 21st programs in social business

                          • Danielle

                            Status update by Danielle

                            Hello Social Business community! I would like to share an opportuni...ested to expand your knowledge of social enterprise or who are working on developing a social enterprise plan at the moment...end participants will have a full social enterprise business plan! Details here: http:/...

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                            • Michele (@michele)

                              Cosa NON è il social business

                              ...fusione che esiste sul significato di Social Business così come lo intende...iratore e premio Nobel per la pace. Un business NON è social perché usa, per es., Fac...quindi ... massimizzare i profitti. I Social Business che vogliamo promuovere e sog...

                              • Gianni

                                Can SBW be a social business itself?

                                ...he SBW team's heads for a while: can Social Business World become a social business itself? Being SBW an open c...post, (2) sending a message to [email protected]socialbusinessworld.org or (3) by commenting...the workshop organized at the Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence...

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                                • Gianni

                                  Social Business: fare la differenza (iscrizione obbligatoria)

                                  Il sito dell'organizzatore a questo linkFees: Guarda il sito dell'eventoContact: http://sbflorence.org/2011/05/workshop28giugn/Start time: 09 : 00End time: 17 : 00

                                  Tags: social business, workshop, yunus social business centre university of florence

                                • SBW Italia
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                                  SBW Italia

                                  In questo gruppo vogliamo coinvolgere gli italiani nella diffusione della nuova filosofia del Social Business; vogliamo condividere, discutere, imparare gli uni dagli altri. Se ancora non lo hai fatto, iscriviti subito, ti aspettiamo!
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