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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Social Enterprise Day 2013!

        Dear SBWers, today, it's Social Enterprise Day and we would like to wish good luck to all social entrepreneurs (and aspiring ones) working hard to develop their social projects all around the globe. We very much hope our social network to become a useful and important tool to promote yo...

      Tags: social enterprise day, 2013, social business, crowdfunding, campaign, sbw, socialbusinessworld

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        Is it so difficult to...

            ...give a couple of these up to help SEs worldwide by supporting us? :) ...not to mention that if we all bought less lights for our Christmas trees they would look more natural and the planet would be grateful :)     Please, consider all of the happiness and real h...

        Tags: sbw, campaign, crowdfunding, support us, se, social business

        • SBW Team (@admin)

          Video Message: Chile

          Tags: muhammad yunus, chile, globalization, traffic rules, social business

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            Social Business World -

            Tags: social network, social entrepreunership, social business, sustainable, sustainability, ethical, better world, ethics

            • Michele (@michele)

              Social Business (World) Vs. Social Commerce: non sono la stessa cosa

              Ciao, a seguito di molte richieste di chiarimento pervenute da parte di produttori etici interessati al Social Commerce, qualche riga a seguire sulla confusione che involontariamente abbiamo in alcuni generato, forse anche a causa dei termini simili in inglese ma che hanno per noi significati (e...

              Tags: social commerce, social business, confusione, chiarimento, scheda candidatura produttore, deadline, scadenza, 27 luglio

              • Greenpink project

                Greenpink project

                Per rendere fattiva un'economia sostenibile abbiamo creato "Compra il Mondo in cui Credi", un meccanismo che ti consente di soddisfare i tuoi bisogni quotidiani, scegliendo tra migliaia di prodotti green, finanziando direttamente le attività che corrispondono ai tuoi valori senza sp...

                Tags: green economy, green, green jobs, green energy, greenews, social business, social commerce, social economy, social business earth, charity, sustainable world, women, human rights. Personal Skills: charity, social business, sustainable world, Bioeconomia

                • Greenpink project

                  Presentazione Greenpink project

                  greenpink.eu è il sito di ecommerce del Progetto Greenpink: siamo il primo Charity-Store senza scopo di lucro che devolve il margine ai beneficiari scelti dagli utenti. Tramite il Charity Store Greenpink vogliamo finanziare il terzo settore, ampliandone le capacità e offrendo r...

                  Tags: charity, ecommerce, green economy, sustainability, social business

                  • Greenpink project

                    Greenpink project, il cambiamento ha inizio

                    In questi anni abbiamo ideato prima Love & Culture, il magazine che diffonde i nostri valori veicolando tematiche legate alla sostenibilità nelle sue tre accezioni: ambientale, economica e sociale. Poi abbiamo realizzato Greenpink.eu, il primo Charity-Store senza sc...

                    Tags: greenews, change, new service, social business, better world

                    • cameron78


                      Kevin Cameron is part of a team that works in a well-established skip hire company in London. He lives and works in London and some of his passions include playing board games, cooking sea food and woodworking and furniture making.

                      Personal Skills: Marketing, social business, Media, Social media

                      • jorge anibal carcavallo

                        jorge anibal carcavallo

                        I am a: Individual, Social Business

                        • SBW Team (@admin)

                          SBW Team (@admin)

                          Simply us....trying to make our Dream of a better world come true! More info on us on the About page

                          Company Type: Social Business. I am a: Social Business

                          • made IN - made BY: Verein zur Föderung der Sozialen und Ökonomischen Entfaltung von Migrantinnen

                            made IN - made BY: Verein zur Föderung der Sozialen und Ökonomischen Entfaltung von Migrantinnen

                            made IN – made BY (MIMB) is a Social Business that conducts clothing manufacture and offers fair working conditions to female immigrants living in the city of Vienna, and facing disadvantages or difficulties in meeting the requirements of the labour market. Through an empowerment approach, MIMB a...

                            I am a: Social Business

                            • EleonoraG

                              Eti:prima rete nazionale del comparto edile con carattere sociale

                              Condivido con piacere un articolo segnalato dallo Yunus Social Business Center University of Florence, che riguarda un'interessante iniziativa nata a Pistoia, prima Social Business City in Italia: un gruppo di imprenditori edili appartenenti a diversi settori (progettazione, design d'interni, dom...

                              Tags: Pistoia, Eti, Social Business, Yunus Social Business Center University of Florence, Ipotesi, progetti sociali

                              • Waste2Wow


                                n 2002, the idea of creating functional products from used billboards was initiated by Primedia and ABSA Bank which led to the Tswelopele Recycling Project being developed by the Hillbrow based MES. Tswelopele changed its name in 2010 to WASTE TO WOW to focus intensely on the recycling of billbo...

                                Company Type: Social Business. I am a: Social Business. Tags: Social Business, Job creation, recycling

                                • Datse Multimedia Productions

                                  Datse Multimedia Productions

                                  Datse Multimedia Productions, is a web development, photography, and computer support company based in Rossland, BC.  We have not officially launched the business yet, but we are doing some work for a small collection of clients, including artists, acupuncturists, a school of chinese medicine, a ...

                                  Company Type: Social Business, Consultant. I am a: Social Business

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