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    • EleonoraG

      Il business sociale: strumento per svegliare la futura classe politica

      ...e politica sull'esistenza ed importanza del business sociale, il quale, se ben regolament...rtante via d'uscita dalla crisi economica e sociale che stiamo attraversando. http://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2013/02/26/business-sociale-nuovo-strumento-per-s...

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        Consumers Vs. Politic Activists?

        ...the only way we have to make social good an economic paradigm, th...through ethical behaviour, as businesses are considered more power...than politics in encouraging social innovation.Recognizing the tough influence that businesses and corporations have on co...

        • SBW Team (@admin)

          Donations, not only money, many THANK YOUs!

          ...ry much appreciated by us The SBW Team and by social entrepreneurs who are joining...res we're creating for them to scale up their businesses! Apart from monetary don...bsp; So, there are many ways to help us help Social Entrepreneurs. Each one of us...

          • EleonoraG

            Social Business World nella guida SOLE!

            Il Cesie (www.cesie.org), Centro Studi ed Iniziative Europeo, è una organizza...coordinato un importante progetto di nome SOLE (Social Networks for Social Empowerment), volto a contrib...mozione, con particolare attenzione all'uso dei social n...

            • SBW Team (@admin)

              SBW 2013 TOP 5 Highlights

              ..., Italy May 17th-19th)https://socialbusinessworld.org/photos/album/80712...a-2013-dreams-projects-social-business#.UsKgqvTuIeg https://socia...the fantastic people we met: social entrepreneurs, activists, aspir...better, more sustainable and social 2014!All the Best The SBW Team...

              • Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D

                "I am a proud winner of the UnltdWorld(UK)Global Impact BRIC Award 2009 for Social Entrepreneurship"

                ...ty) award 2009 to me for socialentrepreneurship. It is indeed...he most prestigious award for socialentrepreneurship.It is a...of our organisation-Goodwill Social Work Centre, who was an ...h.DExecutive DirectorGoodwill Social Work CentreMadurai,India  ...

                • SBW Team (@admin)

                  Social Business World mentioned in SOLE's Guide!

                    SBW mentioned! :) The European Centre of Studies and Initiatives, CESIE (www.c...s recently coordinated an important project called SOcial networks for Local Empowermen...of communication tools, with a detailed section on social n...

                  • SBW Team (@admin)

                    Social Entrepreneur of the Year, contest by Schwab Foundation

                      Dear SBWers, this post is just to remind you of the famous and im...contest run by Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, having its...is Global Selection will be nominated Social Entrepreneurs of the Year and...WEF, etc). If you are an established social e...

                    • SBW Team (@admin)

                      Social Business World, Version 3 is Out! New Features, New Responsive Layout

                      Dear SBWers, we're extremely happy to announce today the 3rd version of SBW's platform issued with mobil...      New Login and Registration Options through other Social N...

                      • SBW Team (@admin)

                        The World Economic Forum 2013: “Resilient Dynamism”

                        ...Among the leaders invited, the social entrepreneurs are those who h...ce a decade we hear talking about social entrepreneurship, and the con...elds: universities, corporations, business schools through multiple li...use western parameters to tackle social problems in the developing worl...

                        • Michele (@michele)

                          A major problem: net(not)working among SEs, SBs

                          Hello, I recently engaged in a online discussion where I stated that networking among SEs, SBs doesn...Yunus is surely right when talking about the need of a dedicated social stock exchange SBW challenge on the net is: a social n...

                          • Planet Volunteer

                            Collective responsibility -partnership invitation

                            ...rganisationssmall/medium size businesses,NGOs / charitable organisations, social enterprises,educational insti...g the skills you need in your business and hire them as soon as back...h grassroots organisation and social enterprises across the world? G...

                            • DNDC

                              Building economic independence - trusting and enabling people

                              ...ogged down in the detail of a business plan. It was interesting that...is is not a replacement for a business plan but is a good starting p...HE and can be used in both a social business and more traditional business...to be too focussed on ‘business skills’ and an over emp...

                              • Comunità Nuovo Mondo

                                Scuola evolutiva della Comunità nuovo mondo, 26 Novembre - Arcevia (AN)

                                ...e pratiche, con il tema della comunicazione verso l'esterno dei propri progetti o attività e con l'introduzione al buon uso di Social Business World, strumento etico di buo...

                                • Jeff Mowatt

                                  The NHS when profit comes before people

                                  ...asked what others defined as social business. For Muhammad Yunus it's this:  "A social business is defined as a non-loss, n...ng safe drinking water." "In social business, the investor gets the inve...cy and operate entirely for a social purpose.  It was for the G...

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