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    • EleonoraG

      Eti:prima rete nazionale del comparto edile con carattere sociale

      ...n piacere un articolo segnalato dallo Yunus Social Business Center University of Floren...teressante iniziativa nata a Pistoia, prima Social Business City in Italia: un gruppo di...a devolvere parte del fatturato in progetti sociali portati avanti dalla cooperati...

      • Emma

        Social Enterprise Events

        Hi, I just wanted to share this link to the Guardian Social Enterprise Network  where you can find the most popular social enterprise events in UK. http://socialenterprise.guardian.co.uk/social-enterprise-network/2012/sep/11/social-enterprise-events-page Enjoy the reading!    

        • John Reiley

          7 Ways Technology Is Changing Way of Business Communication

          ...'s changing the way we do business today. How Online Communication has Changed the Business World Today One of the m...our customers about what your business does, how to use your product...t through email, voice calls, social networks, and text messages. So...

          • EleonoraG

            Michele Paolini e SBW su Ecoista

            ...ndatore di SBW, il quale spiega e approfondisce diversi aspetti legati alla fondazione e allo sviluppo del nostro network. "Social Business World: più che un social network, una piattaforma intern...

            • SBW Team (@admin)

              Please help maintain SBW!

              ...nbsp; Banktransfer to: Social Business World - Ethic Bank (Banca E...very important, we are a Social Business ourselves as per Profe...e totally reinvested in socialbusinessworld.org activities, no divid...ate? Everyone can help us, socially minded individuals, instituti...

              • SBW Team (@admin)

                Social Enterprise Day 2013!

                  Dear SBWers, today, it's Social Enterprise Day and we would like to wish good luck to all social entrepreneurs (and aspiring o...working hard to develop their social projects all around the globe...scale up and strengthen your social impact. We are actually cele...

                • SBW Team (@admin)

                  SBW + GDPR

                  ...a pagina con le policy aggiornate: https://socialbusinessworld.org/privacy Come sa...ilizzare i servizi e le caratteristiche di Social Business World.   Allora? Resti...you can find our updated policies: https://socialbusinessworld.org/privacy As you kn...

                  • EleonoraG

                    Buone previsioni per il 2013

                    ...visto un grande interesse nel social business e nell'impresa sociale, grazie all'attività...lla nomina della prima social business city in Italia), le "previs...arenza, etica e comportamenti socialmente responsabili, il concetto...12/12/28/2013-whats-ahead-for-social-entrepreneurship/ http://www.f...

                    • Md. Tarifur Rahman Khan

                      A Theory of Social Business (Society Changing Model)

                      ....rahman4   A Theory of Social Business (Society Changing Model)...C.    Social Business under Social Enterprise Conc...tury the activities of social business are being conducted under dif...; 4. Disadvantages of Social Business under Social Enterprise Ther...

                      • SBW Team (@admin)

                        The Wall: New Easy and Fast Sharing tool

                        ...logging in. Here it is THE WALL! Take a look at the self-explanatory images below, login to your SBW account and....share the good on social business, social entrepreunership and sustainabi...

                        • LFBC

                          Perché abbiamo scelto SBW per le votazioni della giuria popolare?

                          ...a necessità di utilizzare Social Business World come piattaforma dell...sibilità. Non è un social come gli altri, è un s...davvero possibile; è un social etico perché, importan...nt su un altro (l'ennesimo?) social, ma per tutte le ragioni appena...

                          • SBW Team (@admin)

                            Merry Social Christmas and a very Happy Social 2014!

                            Dear SBWers, One more year has passed: intense, full of happenings, new friends, many nice surprises. We want to thank you very much for staying with us and wish your families and you all  Merry Social Christmas and a very Happy Social 2014! HUGS The SBW Team

                            • Consorzio Siciliano Le Galline Felici

                              parlons ensemble ici

                              ...line Felici On ouvre ces pages, inaugurant la collaboration avec Social Business World, pour discuter ensemb...lie Pour vous aider dans l’utilisation de la plate forme Social Business World, on a créé...

                              • Luca `fero` Ferroni

                                Auguri da SBW su Fabriano Digital e miglioramenti visualizzazione mobile

                                ...ndo e a tutti gli amici di Internet" (cit.) 2 belle notizie su http://app.fabrianodigital.it! Abbiamo ricevuto gli auguri dal team di Social Business World ! E inoltre ho lavor...

                                • SBW Team (@admin)

                                  Donate nothing, change everything!

                                  ...ges set by our online ethical and social activities. As you know, the...(Europe-only at the moment) Social Marketplace is online since O...erence with their work, products, business conducts. With your purchase...you will support a whole Ethical business chain! Just take a look at o...

                                Please help maintain SBW!

                                We rely on your ETHICAL SHOPPING at our Marketplace and your DONATIONS via Paypal or via Satispay. See latest Donators.

                                Via banktransfer to: Social Business World - Ethic Bank (Banca Etica) - Branch: Ancona (Italy) - IBAN: IT73B0501802600000011519097 - BIC/SWIFT: CCRTIT2T84A

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