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  • SBW UK
    • open group
    • 21 members

    SBW UK

  • Social Business Concept Sharing
    • open group
    • 1 members

    Social Business Concept Sharing

    All types of views may be shared regarding social business.
  • SBW Italia
    • open group
    • 82 members

    SBW Italia

    In questo gruppo vogliamo coinvolgere gli italiani nella diffusione della nuova filosofia del Social Business; vogliamo condividere, discutere, imparare gli uni dagli altri. Se ancora non lo hai fatto, iscriviti subito, ti aspettiamo!
    • open group
    • 23 members


    Information, news and contacts for all those interested in social business and. Geographic location: the US. Join and light the bulb!
  • 'Universities for Social Business'
    • open group
    • 7 members

    'Universities for Social Business'

    “Social Business” The view of people
  • SBW Hispano
    • open group
    • 16 members

    SBW Hispano

    Información, noticias y contactos para todos aquellos que estan interesados en el negocio social, Ubicación geográfica: Venezuela. Únete y enciende el bombillo!
  • Jeunes pour la paix
    • open group
    • 1 members

    Jeunes pour la paix

    Young people for peace - Sant'Egidio Community - Help for homeless people in Paris
  • Produttori italiani sul Social Marketplace SBW
    • closed group
    • 2 members

    Produttori italiani sul Social Marketplace SBW

    Gruppo chiuso riservato ai produttori aderenti allo Shop di SBW
  • No More Plastic Waste - Work group
    • open group
    • 4 members

    No More Plastic Waste - Work group

    Let's go beyond plastic. This invitation-only group intends to discuss Clara Salina's proposals against plastic waste, leading to an international law promoted by UN.
  • Psicólogo Escolar
    • open group
    • 1 members

    Psicólogo Escolar

    Atendimento da alma conectado não é psicoterapia e não substitui a psicoterapia feita em consultório. A cultura é principal palco em que se constroem as mas diversos atividades, ações e representações humanas (VYGOTSKY,1987).

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