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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      SBW Team (@admin)

      Company Name: Social Business WorldCompany Type: Social BusinessSectors in which Company operates: Social Enterprises DevelopmentSectors in which Company operates: Social JusticeSectors in which Company operates: Social ProtectionCompany Website: http://socialbusinessworld.orgI am a: Social BusinessAbout me: Simply us....trying to make our Dream of a better world come true! More info on us on the About pageWebsite: http://www.socialbusinessworld.orgTwitter: http://twitter.com/#!/socialbusinesswLinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/social-business-world/52/323/172?trk=tbrFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/socialbusinessworld

      • Gianni


        Company Name: Social Business WorldCompany Type: Social BusinessSectors in which Company operates: Social Enterprises DevelopmentCompany Email: [email protected]socialbusinessworld.orgCompany Website: www.socialbusinessworld.orgAbout me: ...Together with Michele, I created SBW. If you have questions about how SBW works or have feedback, please do not hesitate to drop us a note ([email protected]socialbusinessworld.org)!...Contact email: gianni *at* socialbusinessworld.orgWebsite: socialbusinessworld.org/profile/gianniruta

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        • Michele (@michele)

          Comment on "Social Business case study"

          ...y of misunderstandings about the definition of Social Business? Doesn't this articl...ial organization can simply take advantage of "social" tools to sell more? Using Fa...g distorted in many different ways: not-really-social business, social entrepreuner...

          • Michele (@michele)

            Comment on "A major problem: net(not)working among SEs, SBs"

            ...increase their return (in some cases not even social, actually). No or poor will...e willing to affirm their being "more good and social than anybody else"...leading...reach an end and we all have to work to make (social) things happen by collaborati...

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            • SBW Team (@admin)

              R U student social entrepreneur? #UW Global Social Entrepreneurship #Competition (GSEC) http://goo.gl/dH08j #socent #sbworld #socbiz @UW

              • SBW Team (@admin)

                Nice http://goo.gl/dtZBp but what if social media efforts would be made into social networks created by #socent for #socbiz? #sbworld

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                • Michele (@michele)

                  Is consistency a value for a social business, a social enterprise?

                  ...o you think? Is consistency a value for a social business, a social enterprise? Hi everyb...ch to freely discuss on relevant topics on Social Entrepreunership. I say that...d habits we prefer not to deal with in the social entrepreneurial world. I've...

                  • Emma

                    Social Enterprise Events

                    Hi, I just wanted to share this link to the Guardian Social Enterprise Network  where you can find the most popular social enterprise events in UK. http://socialenterprise.guardian.co.uk/social-enterprise-network/2012/sep/11/social-enterprise-events-page Enjoy the reading!    

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                    • Michele (@michele)

                      Introducing Yunus Social Business

                      ...including incubator funds for social businesses, in several countr...ch, select, coach and develop social business projects, the funds...ing into Togo and Tunisia. A Social Business is a company created...jective of the company. Since social businesses have to compete in...

                      • SBW Team (@admin)

                        Social Business World: Why to Join us

                        ...blems playing the video? Here it it the direct link to YouTube   Social Business World: Why to Join u...on the reasons why and how our community is different and engaging for social enterprises, social businesse...

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                        • Emma

                          HUB Talks: The Challenge of Measuring Social Impact

                          ...al debate on ‘The Challenge of Measuring Social Impact’. There has been...lot of discussion about the value of measuring social impact but alongside this are...ions with limited resources manage to do this? Social investors state that measurin...

                          • EleonoraG

                            SOCIAL INNOVATION & SOCIAL BUSINESS 2013

                            ‘How Social Innovation will make the difference?’ quali opportunità...Quali saranno i possibili scenari operativi e come i diversi attori sociali potranno investire in Social Innovation e Social Business,...

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                            • Danielle

                              Status update by Danielle

                              Hello Social Business community! I would like to sh...be interested to expand your knowledge of social enterprise or who are working on developing a social enterprise plan at the moment...By the end participants will have a full social enterprise business plan!...

                              • işöğüçı

                                Social entrepreneurship: 'A new breed of leader' In a world striving for more sustainability, social entrepreneurship is increasin...W's Manuela Kasper-Claridge. https://www.dw.com/en/social-entrepreneurship-a-new-breed-...

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                                • LFBC

                                  Perché abbiamo scelto SBW per le votazioni della giuria popolare?

                                  Cari amici di Lo Faccio Bene Cinefest, a seguito di alcuni dubbi da voi espressi sulla necessità di utilizzare Social Business World come piattaforma delle votazioni crediamo sia utile e giusto motivare questa scelta da parte nostra. Abbiamo deciso di utilizzare SBW perch&eacu...

                                  Tags: perché, sbw, voto, social

                                  • Michele (@michele)

                                    I 10 motivi per essere ottimisti e soddisfatti a Ferragosto!

                                      Sottotitolo: Con la cultura e la conoscenza non si mangia e quando si mangia meglio gli OGM! Mah si...a Ferragosto le domande e i pensieri buoni vengono quindi bisogna condividerli. Il mondo è bello così, equo e giusto, perché cambiare? L'economia e s...

                                    Tags: ottimismo, ferragosto, social, marketplace

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