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    • Emma

      HUB Talks: The Challenge of Measuring Social Impact

      ...al debate on ‘The Challenge of Measuring Social Impact’. There has been...lot of discussion about the value of measuring social impact but alongside this are...ions with limited resources manage to do this? Social investors state that measurin...

      • EleonoraG


        ‘How Social Innovation will make the difference?’ quali opportunità...Quali saranno i possibili scenari operativi e come i diversi attori sociali potranno investire in Social Innovation e Social Business,...

        • Bernardo Javalquinto

          Social Business: Odyssey of the Third Millennium

          Can social objectives be achieved more efficiently and effectively by adopting a social business format that is susta...an be solved through the creation of Social Business. This is a form of b...l investment and cost reduction. The social business concept goes far bey...

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            Social Enterprise Week

            Social Enterprise Week in Dubai from February 22nd to March 2nd!

            • Gianni

              Social Business: fare la differenza (iscrizione obbligatoria)

              Il sito dell'organizzatore a questo linkFees: Guarda il sito dell'eventoContact: http://sbflorence.org/2011/05/workshop28giugn/Start time: 09 : 00End time: 17 : 00

              • SBW Team (@admin)

                Annual Gifted Citizen Prize for Social Entrepreneurs

                ...application process is now open for the annual Gifted Citizen Prize for Social Entrepreneurs.
 Gifted Citiz...g up creative potential and promoting innovation, through incentivizing social entrepreneurship projects. T...

                • EleonoraG

                  La via italiana alla Social Innovation Agenda

                  ...del documento di sintesi "La Via Italiana alla Social Innovation Agenda"  Thi...one, Università e Ricerca   La Social Innovation nell'Agenda Europe...Nesta UK Intervento del Ministro Profumo La Social Innovation - L'impegno del MI...

                  • Michele (@michele)

                    Termine candidatura imprese Social Commerce

                    Scade oggi il termine per candidarsi come fornitore del Social Commerce. Qui maggiori dettagli. Il lancio...Pertanto, amici produttori, se volete proporre le vostre creazioni sul Social Commerce non perdete altro te...

                    • SBW Team (@admin)

                      Social Media on Purpose

                      ...of the ever-evolving array of social media platforms and tools and...tives at nonprofits and other social mission organizations who are...ating how nonprofits have set social media goals, implemented prog...able soon) 4:15 - 5:30 pm The Social Blender: Reception & netw...

                      • EleonoraG

                        Social Business World a Fà la Cosa Giusta Umbria

                        @michele co-fondatore di Social Business World, sarà presente a Fà la Cosa Giusta Umbria per parlare di social media etici con Roberto...

                        • SBW Team (@admin)

                          Mayas' Prophecy Vs. Socially Minded People?

                          ...Mayas' Prophecy won't affect us, won't affect Socially Minded People. :D  ...t's meet!   Where? Online Page? http://socialbusinessworld.org/activity (ju...the world to start a great 2013 in the name of social committment! Cheers ;) The...

                          • IEREK

                            International Conference on Urban Planning and Architecture Design for Sustainable Development

                            The best papers will be published online by ELSEVIER as a part of (Sciencedirect.com) services in open access at the Procedia journal "social and Behavioral sciences”. I...

                            • SBW Team (@admin)

                              Elgg Camp Italy 2016 - SBW Extended Version

                              ...; What is Elgg? Elgg is THE open source, social networking, engine on which S...ality and dynamism in open source development, social movements and ethical manufac...- "12-step empirical guide to starting a social network" 16:30 -> 1...

                              • ImaginAction

                                Journey to Senegal - Viaggio in Senegal

                                ...h; we encourage self-responsibility and offer our guidance, network of connections and facilitation during your stay. WE WILL PRACTICE  Social Presencing Theatre as a way&n...

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