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    • Michele (@michele)

      Is consistency a value for a social business, a social enterprise?

      ...o you think? Is consistency a value for a social business, a social enterprise? Hi everyb...ch to freely discuss on relevant topics on Social Entrepreunership. I say that...d habits we prefer not to deal with in the social entrepreneurial world. I've...

      • Emma

        Social Enterprise Events

        Hi, I just wanted to share this link to the Guardian Social Enterprise Network  where you can find the most popular social enterprise events in UK. http://socialenterprise.guardian.co.uk/social-enterprise-network/2012/sep/11/social-enterprise-events-page Enjoy the reading!    

        • SBW Team (@admin)

          Social Business case study

          Social Business is a hot topic these days in the enterpris...on in this space, indicating strong currents in the Social Business marketplace. In this...dy is on Salesforce Chatter, there are many generic Social Business lessons we can learn...

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            Social Enterprise Day 2013!

            ...p; Dear SBWers, today, it's Social Enterprise Day and we would like to wish good luck to all social entrepreneurs (and aspiring o...working hard to develop their social projects all around the globe...ther (apps for mobile phones, social commerce platform for social...

            • Michele (@michele)

              SBW al Workshop “Social Business: fare la differenza” organizzato dallo Yunus Social Business Center University of Florence!

                Organizzato dallo Yunus Social Business Centre dell'Università di Firenze (maggiori dettagli...vedrà tra i presenti anche Michele e Gianni, umili fondatori di Social Business World. Si terr&agra...

              • SBW Team (@admin)

                The Huffington Post on Social Business!

                ...tp://www.huffingtonpost.com/marieke-van-schaik/social-business-as-a-new-_b_2197887....4#comment_211198594) an interesting article on Social Business by the Huffington Po...o address poverty is to develop the concept of social business. Existing technologi...

                • SBW Team (@admin)

                  Merry Social Christmas and a very Happy Social 2014!

                  Dear SBWers, One more year has passed: intense, full of happenings, new friends, many nice surprises. We want to thank you very much for staying with us and wish your families and you all  Merry Social Christmas and a very Happy Social 2014! HUGS The SBW Team

                  • SBW Team (@admin)

                    When Doing Good Is Good (Social) Business

                    ...s out a few significant trends in social business: 1) The BIGs of the...d in promoting and supporting new social business initiatives, convinc...anizing MBAs specially focused on social business and social entrepren...opment' (CIDTEL) and founder of a Social Business School, joined our n...

                    • EleonoraG

                      "Giovani idee per il social business" : premio per le Startup sociali

                      ...iare, con un finanziamento dedicato, i migliori tre progetti di impresa sociale. Potete trovare tutti i dettagli sul sito del concorso: http://www.social-startup.it/ e in questo...

                      • SBW Team (@admin)

                        Social Entrepreneur of the Year, contest by Schwab Foundation

                        ...important contest run by Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, having its...ers of this Global Selection will be nominated Social Entrepreneurs of the Year and...n to the WEF, etc). If you are an established social entreprise and think to be el...

                        • Michele (@michele)

                          Social Business (World) Vs. Social Commerce: non sono la stessa cosa

                          ...i produttori etici interessati al Social Commerce, qualche riga a segu...ificati (e piattaforme) diversi. Social Business World è una c...nati per fare due cose diverse. socialbusinessworld.org (la piattafo...le, come privati e/o aziende. Il Social Commerce invece, in preparazi...

                          • SBW Team (@admin)

                            Happiness...and tip

                            ...ere on SBW and...the dream is now becoming true! A community of people+social enterprises+consultants commi...about you and your organization to allow people, consultants and other social enterprises to find you immed...

                            • Debora

                              Learning about social business

                              Social business does not need to be a complicated proposal, it can be a simple soluti...gave us a good example of this: http://images.businessweek.com/ss/09/04/0403_social_entrepreneurs/22.htm...

                              • Michele (@michele)

                                A major problem: net(not)working among SEs, SBs

                                ...ng among SEs, SBs doesn't work, is not working. Prof. Yunus is surely right when talking about the need of a dedicated social stock exchange SBW challenge on the net is: a social network entirely dedicated to...

                                • SBW Team (@admin)

                                  Social Business World - V2 released!

                                  ...ficially annouce the birth of a completely new socialbusinessworld.org as of today,...us what you think by voting this poll (http://socialbusinessworld.org/polls/view/4...s the real beginning of our story, this is The Social Network for a Sustainable Wor...

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