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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Introducing Badges

      Dear SBWers, We're happy to introduce and announce an additional feature to thank most active members by visually highlighting their effort and committment to improve our community: Badges! In connection with SBW Points, our systems will automatically add an icon, just below the profile's pictu...

      Tags: sbw, badges, points, cormac d., candle, chandelier, lighthouse, photovoltaic station, torch, community, engagement

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        Donations, not only money, many THANK YOUs!

        Hello, Once again we are moved and happy to write a blog post to thank you, our newest members, not only for joining us but also for donating what you can, how you can. We have lately received few enquiries more or less on the same topic "How can I help?", "How much should I donate?" Well, the...

        Tags: donations, how much, how can I help, socialbusinessworld.org, sbw, social business world

        • Michele (@michele)

          SBW segnalato tra gli strumenti utili per i GAS

            Ciao a tutti, oggi una notizia che ci fa felici e conferma l'utilità della nostra piattaforma per chiunque si interessi attivamente di economia solidale: SBW è stato segnalato tra gli strumenti utili per i GAS (Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale) sul sito www.retegas.org . Il lin...

          Tags: sbw, segnalato, segnalazione, retegas, gas, gruppi di acquisto solidale

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            Terra Futura 2013: dreams, projects, social business!

            Terra Futura 2013: dreams, projects, social business! Here few pics, more coming soon along with a short video. We met dozens of great people, spoke about many interesting projects and presented ours. Donators, this was thanks to you all! Cheers The SBW Team

            Tags: terra futura, 2013, social business world, sbw, socialbusinessworld, donators, picture, pictures

            • SBW Team (@admin)

              Social Business World official web banners

              Dear SBWers, We were just offered beautiful banners by a new friend, Mike K. from the US who hasn't signed up to SBW yet (as of June 6th, 2013) but wishes us all the best through his art. THANK YOU MIke! So, if you own a website, blog, network or would like to help us in spreading the word abou...

              Tags: banners, sbw, social business world, socialbusinessworld.org, official

              • SBW Team (@admin)

                SBW last minute unofficial dinner June 11th 2013

                As soon as we knew that 3/4 of the SBW Team and few of the very first donators/supporters/friends were around... an unofficial, last-minute dinner had to be organized! :) Thank you all Daniela, Eleonora, Monica, Paola, Ornella, Gianni, Marco, Michele, Stefano...so nice spending time, share ideas...

                Tags: sbw, dinner, june, 2013, unofficial, last-minute, gathering

                • Michele (@michele)

                  Social Business World allo Sbarco GAS e DES 2013

                  Cari amici, sono lieto di comunicarvi che SBW sarà presente allo Sbarco GAS DES 2013 a Monopoli (BA) dal 28 al 30 giugno. Organizzato da RES Puglia, Rete di Economia Solidale della Puglia, in collaborazione con il Tavolo Nazionale dell’Economia Solidale, RESSUD, la Rete Nazionale d...

                  Tags: sbarco, gas, des, 2013, monopoli, puglia, sbw, socialbusinessworld, social business world

                  • SBW Team (@admin)

                    New and Important feature: SUBGROUPS

                      Dear SBWers, This is an important announcement for us because it is about a new and very important feature: Subgroups! What are they for? The image below is worth many words (click to full size)     From today, small or large organizations and, also, groups focused on imp...

                    Tags: subgroups, sbw, social business world, socialbusinessworld, sub-groups, groups

                    • SBW Team (@admin)

                      Because improving the world is also fun and relaxing

                      Some of us in a nice Sunday afternoon's strategic planning session :)

                      Tags: sbw, planning, relax, fun

                      • SBW Team (@admin)

                        Chat with your friends via Skype now available

                          Dear SBWers, As you see we never stop and weekends are hard-working days for us but joy is stronger and bigger than fatigue so...here we are with another new and useful integration: Skype chat and call! To enable your friends and SBWers to chat with you via Skype simply go to your profi...

                        Tags: sbw, skype, chat, call, social business world, socialbusinessworld

                        • SBW Team (@admin)

                          Html email template design for SBW

                          Hello, We would like to have a beautiful, professional newsletter template formatted in html as follows (examples we like and consider professional in the attached file): obviously the look & feel has to well fit with our logo, font, internal pages and our official t-shirt design encodin...

                          Tags: sbw, html, newsletter, template, design, job, socialbusinessworld, social business world

                          • Michele (@michele)

                            Facciamo la maionese! R: Sono una persona qualunque, mi sono iscritta a SBW e ora che faccio?

                              Ciao a tutti,oggi provo a rispondere ad una delle domande che mi vengono rivolte più spesso da chi si iscrive a Social Business World affascinato dal progetto di un social network dedicato alla sostenibilità: "Che faccio ora? Come posso contribuire al cambiamento per un mond...

                            Tags: sbw, maionese, condividere, conoscenza, informazioni, prodotti etici, prodotti bio, impresa sociale

                            • EleonoraG

                              Sono una persona qualunque, mi sono iscritta a SBW e ora che faccio?

                              Alcuni suggerimenti da Michele, che con questo post tenta di rispondere a chi, una volta entrato nel network, ci chiede: "Che faccio ora? Come posso contribuire al cambiamento per un mondo sostenibile?"

                              Tags: sbw, maionese, condividere, conoscenza, informazioni, prodotti etici, prodotti bio, impresa sociale

                              • SBW Team (@admin)

                                SBW User creation trend

                                SBW's graphic on account creation over time. From June 2011 to mid July 2013 Sustainability will be cool and massive :)

                                Tags: sbw, users, account, number

                                • SBW Team (@admin)

                                  Social Business World mentioned in SOLE's Guide!

                                    SBW mentioned! :) The European Centre of Studies and Initiatives, CESIE (www.cesie.org), a non-profit and independent European non-governmental organisation, has recently coordinated an important project called SOcial networks for Local Empowerment (SOLE), aimed at contributing to the co...

                                  Tags: sbw, social business world, sole, user's guide, cesie, angela martinez carrasco, European Centre of Studies and Initiatives, Europe for Citizens Programme

                                Please help maintain SBW!

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