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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      SBW Team (@admin)

      • Gianni


        About me: ...ental economics and development. Born Italian and Venezuelan, and with a passion for diversity. Together with Michele, I created SBW. If you have questions about how SBW works or have feedback, pleas...

        • EleonoraG


          Your job title: Research & Publishing, member of SBW TeamAbout me: ...cial Business and I recently joined the team of SBW! I think we must change the w...profit organizations and social enterprises. In SBW I am in charge of web content...usiness, e sono entrata a far parte del team di SBW! Dobbiamo lavorare sodo per c...Twitter: https://twitter.com/EleonoraSbw

          • Giovanni Notarangelo

            Giovanni Notarangelo

            Brief description: I am one of the founder and part of GAS "Alchemilla" in Bologna and I like social and fair way of life. I am in SBW to find and stay in contact with people close to my ideas and my dreams!

            • Mahmoud Leqrainah

              Mahmoud Leqrainah

            Please help maintain SBW!

            We rely on your ETHICAL SHOPPING at our Marketplace and your DONATIONS via Paypal or via Satispay. See latest Donators.

            Via banktransfer to: Social Business World - Ethic Bank (Banca Etica) - Branch: Ancona (Italy) - IBAN: IT73B0501802600000011519097 - BIC/SWIFT: CCRTIT2T84A

            Consider supporting us now. Thank you!

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