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    • Gianni

      KaBOOM! A potential Social Business? Let's 'play' with the idea

      A very interesting article in the New York Times website describes KaBOOM!, an NGO created by Darell Hammond in Washington DC. KaBOOM!'s mission is to create great playspaces through the participation and leadership of communities. Ultimately, they envision a place to play within walking distan...

      Tags: children, street violence, playground, ngo, usa, washington dc

      • Angela Martinez-Carrasco

        Angela Martinez-Carrasco

          I'm a professional of the non-profit sector.

        Tags: ngo, social enterprise, sustainability, creative thinking, non formal education, arts, crafts, citizenship, europe.

        • Association La Voute Nubienne

          Association La Voute Nubienne

          Based on UN figures, 100 million people in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to decent housing: many families live in fragile tin-roofed shacks, and these are the lucky ones. Because of desertification and overpopulation, the bush timber and thatch used locally for building traditional roofs are no ...

          Company Type: NGO. I am a: NGO

          • cecilia


            I am a: NGO

            • Therlane


              I am a: NGO

              • Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D

                Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D

                I am the Founder and Executive Director of the Goodwill social work centre (NGO), Madurai, India. I am a former professor and Head-Department of human resources management at the Madurai Institute of social sciences, Madurai, India. I received my master's degree in Social work with Human resource...

                Company Type: NGO. I am a: NGO

                • Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D

                  Introducing Goodwill Social Work Centre,Madurai,India-Become a Partner!

                  Goodwill Social Work Centre is an Indian Non-governmental organisation registered as a Society/Charity under the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975, Government of Tamilnadu {India} and Foreign Contribution (Regulations) Act 1976, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India in order...

                  Tags: NGO

                  • WEZESHA


                    I am a: NGO

                    • Carbery Housing Association

                      Carbery Housing Association

                      I am a: NGO

                      • Rebecca Pope

                        Rebecca Pope

                        Company Type: Educational Institution, NGO, Non Profit

                        • fletaparker


                          I am a: NGO

                          • max2013


                            I am a: Social Business, Consultant, Educational Institution, Financial Institution, NGO

                            • Informatica Solidale

                              Informatica Solidale

                              Informatica Solidale  is an NGO where IT professionals partecipate as volunteers to social support project. We beleive that IT technology is a major opportunity to reduce social issues and help all nonprofit organization to better achieve their goals

                              I am a: NGO

                              • daniele de cillis

                                daniele de cillis

                                I am a: Individual, Social Business, Consultant, Educational Institution, Financial Institution, NGO, Hybrid Non Profit, Non Profit, Social Enterprise, Traditional Business

                                • Giuseppe Dimunno

                                  Giuseppe Dimunno

                                  I am a: NGO

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