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      Muhammad Yunus - The Social Business Model

      Tags: muhammad yunus, the social business model

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        Muhammad Yunus: Building Social Business Ventures (preview)

        Tags: muhammad yunus, building social business ventures (preview)

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          Muhammad Yunus: Social Business - Business to Make a Difference

          Tags: muhammad yunus, social business to make a difference

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            Che cosa e' un Social Business?

            Se al testo preferisci un video, in questa pagina (clicca qui) una presentazione di Michele Paolini, co-fondatore di SBW, durante l' Altrementifestival, meraviglioso evento culturale organizzato dall'associazione Don Chisciotte.   La nuova idea, teoria e pratica del Social Busi...

            Tags: social business, definizione, tipo 1, tipo 2, muhammad yunus, che cos'è, cosa è

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              Professor Muhammad Yunus - Social Business: to solve society's most pressing problems

              Tags: professor, muhammad yunus, lse, honorary degree, social business world

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                What is Social Business?

                Prefer a video? Watch this :) http://socialbusinessworld.org/videos/play/michele/59938/introducing-yunus-social-business   The new idea, theory and practice of Social Business has been developed and implemented by Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize for 2006. It is explained on h...

                Tags: about, social business, definition, muhammad yunus, type i, type ii, type 1, type 2, faq, faqs, f.a.q., frequently asked question, frequently asked questions

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                  We need social business to solve problems: Mohammed Yunus

                  Tags: muhammad yunus, social business, social business world, davos, weforum 2012

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                    Social Entrepreneurs in Davos

                    Tags: muhammad yunus, social business, social business world, davos, weforum 2012

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                      Professor Yunus interviewed at the World Economic Forum 2012 talks about Social Business

                      We are really pleased to announce that the World Economic Forum has dedicated a relevant space to Social Business.Professor Yunus interviewed in Davos (watch video I | watch video 2) says that looking at the economic situation of the whole world, our civilization seems near to its end. This is wh...

                      Tags: muhammad yunus, davos, world economic forum, 2012, social business world, video, interview

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                        2012 Muhammad Yunus Innovation Challenge

                        The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston) is presenting The 2012 Yunus Challenge, the competition, aiming at finding the most innovative solutions to gaining value from waste.   The successful solutions will have to focus on a specific region or community whose people are l...

                        Tags: mit, 2012 yunus challenge, muhammad yunus, social business world, waste management, green jobs, waste land, documentary, vik muniz

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                          Professor Muhammad Yunus among the 12 best entrepreneurs of our times!

                          We are very glad to announce that Fortune, has declared Muhammad Yunus as one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs of our times, especially for the Grameen Bank, pioneer of the microcredit in the world.   This reward is very meaningful, as it proves that helping the poor is not only “...

                          Tags: cnn, money, 12 best entrepreneurs of our times, muhammad yunus, grameen bank, microcredit, social business world

                          • EleonoraG

                            Interview with Prof Muhammad Yunus

                            Tags: muhammad yunus, singapore social business week, interview, the lee kuan yew school of public policy, sbw

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                              Muhammad Yunus describes a world with social businesses

                              Tags: muhammad yunus, social business, elon university, april 3 2012, a convocation for honors

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                                Grameen America: helping poor Americans to realise their dreams

                                During this very critical economic situation, where even banks and financial institutions are experiencing a tremendous crisis, there is instead a bank collecting successes and great satisfactions: Grameen America which is helping thousands of people living below the poverty line in building thei...

                                Tags: grameen america, social business, social business world, muhammad yunus

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                                  Professor Muhammad Yunus at the First Social Business Conference in Switzerland, May 18th-19th 2012

                                  Lugano and Zurich will host the First Social Business Conference in Switzerland, May 18th-19th, where Professor Muhammad Yunus will give speeches, Workshops will take place and great people will meet!   All details here: http://www.socialbusinessearth.org/social-business-conference2012 &n...

                                  Tags: professor, muhammad yunus, social business conference, 2012, switzerland, social business earth, social business world

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