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      Hi! We are ReSTORYingGreece. We explore and bring into life abandoned Greek Heritage Stories for social change. www.restoryinggreece.org

      • Livesuntold.tv

        Livesuntold.tv is a global voice for good for all people and the planet. Tell stories to inspire & educate others,using film & photography

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        • ura soul

          gifting the present: the unforgetting way

          by inner union in the heart, we can begin to come into tune with our thoughts, feeling...with our earth and the energy source that moves in life.while being willing to be the...ft you seek, you are able to be connected to all of life an...

          • Debora

            Learning about social business

            Social business does not need to be a complicated proposal, it can be a simple solution to a need that we all can...of finding the proper answer to the question: how can I improve people’s life an...

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            • MICHAILIDIS

              The ReSTORYingGreece® Team

              ...g consultants, we explore and bring into life abandoned Greek Heritage Stories of our parents and forefather...- Oral History of local ordinary people, stories lying outside of books, newsp...ape, create and share their own Heritage stories, delivering a clear message t...

              • MICHAILIDIS

                ReSTORYingBranding® All brands tell stories.

                ...keting work has brought these stories to life, but what is changing is the nature by which these stories are constructed. Consumers no...a common history. The common stories of our heritage live in our m...ject explores and brings into life abandoned Greek Heritage Stories...

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                • SBW Team (@admin)

                  Status update by SBW Team (@admin)

                  ...rtner of a great project: "DO IT RIGHT", International Short-Film Festival and Contest focused on good practices. Leading by example, stories from everyday life about living together in an ethi...

                  • Marco Geronimi Stoll


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                    • MICHAILIDIS

                      ReSTORYingGreece® Opening activities

                      ReSTORYingGreece® informs people for its activities. The Power of Storytelling.

                      Tags: storytelling, life stories, oral history, intergenerational learning

                      • MICHAILIDIS

                        The Story of my Family

                        ReSTORYingLives® LEAVING YOUR ENDURING LEGACY Legacy: A gift – something transmitted by an ancestor Everyone has a story to tell. Some people mistakenly believe they have nothing of importance to pass on to others...no legacy they can leave! You don’t have to be wealthy, famous...

                        Tags: storytelling, life stories, intergenerational learning, legacy stories advisor, crowdstorying, oral history, personal historian

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