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      We need to bring learning to students instead of students to learning.

                         ...leasure but also self-satisfaction in life. But in the process, I have a...egative attitude and approach towards life.   It is evident t...celebrate when I achieve great in my life....

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        Social Business World: What we do

        Here at Social Business World we like to meet other people from all over the world who think that a new form of c...m-long term, create new businesses, launch new ideas to improve the quality of life in...

        • Jacopo Fo

          Ecovillaggio Solare - Perugia

            Pagina ufficiale dell'Ecovillaggio Solare che sta nascendo ad Alcatraz, in Umbria. Case e appartamenti in classe A, in una valle incontaminata. Venite a vis...

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            What is Social Business?

            Prefer a video? Watch this :) http://socialbusinessworld.org/vi...es, in different cultures and lifestyles. Here at Social Busine...capitalism could affect your life and surroundings wherever you...sonal satisfaction that one's life has touched other people's li...urt anymore... These are real life si...

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              Memories & Thoughts - Guestbook

              Please add below your thoughts and memories of your days with Elgg and SBW, anonimously or adding your name, as y...hele,   I'm safely back home, trying to settle back into normal life :)...

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