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    • ura soul

      gifting the present: the unforgetting way

      by inner union in the heart, we can begin to come into tune with our thoughts, feeling...with our earth and the energy source that moves in life.while being willing to be the...ft you seek, you are able to be connected to all of life an...

      • Debora

        Learning about social business

        Social business does not need to be a complicated proposal, it can be a simple solution to a need that we all can...of finding the proper answer to the question: how can I improve people’s life an...

        • EleonoraG

          SBW aderisce alla Carta di Arcevia per un modello di agricoltura sostenibile

          Cari amici del gruppo Italia, scrivo queste poche righe per segnalarvi che lo scorso 8 settembre, abbiamo aderito alla Carta di Arcevia, per maggiori informazioni...

          • Annette

            Mind Body Spirit Explained

            Holistic medicine works by including the whole person , mind bod...ls in all aspects of one's life. This work is stringent, but...ssion in this individual 's life time if left alone unaddres...his unbalance in our chosen lifestyle also makes an inner im...ing hopes in all facets of life n...

            • Luca `fero` Ferroni

              Celebrating Ian Murdock, founder of the greatest free software community-driven project, recently died at the age of 42

              Hi all, on the 28th December 2015, a guy who has changed my life, as well as the life of many other people, has died. Ian Mur...etworks, we can learn a lot from Ian's life, and we should apply the best...now that the project has basically taken a life of...

              • SBW Team (@admin)

                Celebrating International Women's Day

                Dear SBWers, We would like to celebrate the International Women's Day,  ded...ment have been able to improve the quality of their life and become the pillars of the...ded by poverty and precariousness, dedicating their life to...

                • SBW Team (@admin)

                  The World Economic Forum 2013: “Resilient Dynamism”

                    The World Economic Forum 2013 has come to an end, after an intense week during...pletely disconnected from the real world, where the life of small enterprises is a dai...ideas even in places far distant from our everyday life, e...

                  • LFBC

                    The Zeina Women Center in Gaza

                    Le donne che lavorano nei due laboratori e il personale di Vento di Terra hanno lavorato insieme per trovare un n...ura, l’importanza dell’istruzione, l’empowerment femminile e life sk...

                    • James Davis

                      Government Daycare Help For Single Moms

                      These may possibly consist of: hydro, heat, h2o, household and automobile insur...mature kinds), the main floor was where by we ate, made crafts, and go through stories, and the top rated flooring i...

                      • IEREK

                        Heritage Conservation a tool for Sustainable Urban Regeneration

                        The greater part of the world’s significant urban areas have been confronting the weight of new improvement...of towns and also urban ranges. The urban advancement needed to improve urban life,&n...

                        • SBW Team (@admin)

                          Social Enterprise: from Competition to Collaboration

                          Recently, we have been gladly reading various articles, studies or blog posts defining "collaboration" as a key f...tutions..), a place where new innovative ideas can be conceived and brought to life, w...

                          • Jeff Mowatt

                            The NHS when profit comes before people

                            Four years ago in 2010, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley declared that so...the drive to cure, to give health and life. They are givers and sharers....funded by commonly created resources. Life-threatening disease is a lott...the world has enough to live a decent life an...

                            • Planet Volunteer

                              Collective responsibility -partnership invitation

                              PlanetVolunteer.org is a newly revamped global web portal that displays only reputable and safe volunteering and...ts easily accessible, transparent and comparable to ensure a valuable work and life ex...

                              • ParentsCart

                                The 5 Crucial Parenting Tips For You

                                The best tough and also making an effort point that any sort of person may do in lifestyle is increasing children. Yet together, that is actually also...partnership. Play is actually certainly not only exciting however life co...

                                • ura soul

                                  there are no 'garbage' emotions. all emotions are needed and need to be felt to be known

                                  there are many misunderstandings about emotional health which need to be known and res...;science' and almost every other facet of daily life - if you know where to look....the lost feelings from our moments of confusion in life, f...

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