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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      SBW Team (@admin)

      Company Name: Social Business WorldCompany Type: Social BusinessCompany Website: http://socialbusinessworld.orgI am a: Social BusinessAbout me: Simply us....trying to make our Dream of a better world come true! More info on us on the About pageWebsite: http://www.socialbusinessworld.orgTwitter: http://twitter.com/#!/socialbusinesswLinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/social-business-world/52/323/172?trk=tbrFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/socialbusinessworld

      • Gianni


        Company Name: Social Business WorldCompany Type: Social BusinessCompany Email: [email protected]inessworld.orgCompany Website: www.socialbusinessworld.orgAbout me: ...er with Michele, I created SBW. If you have questions about how SBW works or have feedback, please do not hesitate to drop us a note ([email protected]inessworld.org)!Contact email: gianni *at* socialbusinessworld.orgWebsite: socialbusinessworld.org/profile/gianniruta

        • Rui T.Morais

          Rui T.Morais

          About me: I am a Portuguese consultant with a solid international career and an M.B.A. degree from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge.  I have a background in economics and for sev...

          • Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence

            Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence

            Company Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yunus-Social-Business-Centre-University-of-Florence/199467190084912About me: ...romuovere l'idea di Social Business in Italia e di supportarne l...icerche e studi sul Social Business-la creazione di eventi sul S...la valutazione dei Social Business-competizione Social Business...jects which develop Social Businesses all around the world-Works...Interests: social business :-)

            • EleonoraG


              Company Name: Social Business WorldCompany Twitter: https://twitter.com/SocialBusinessWAbout me: ...l point of view, I became involved in Social Business and I recently joined the te...SBW! I think we must change the way of doing business in this world which only enh...elle aziende, mi sono appassionata al Social Business, e sono entrata a far parte...Contact email: [email protected]inessworld.org

              • anthony scroggins

                anthony scroggins

                About me: Hello I'm Anthony. I am working as a Medical Representative in United States and also in the Philippines. I am currently connected with Tanning peptides, Research peptides, Melanotan...

                • Lorenzo Salvadorini

                  Lorenzo Salvadorini

                  Company Type: Traditional Business

                  • Jake Adams

                    Jake Adams

                    About me: Jake Adams has a Masteral Degree in General Business in STEPHEN F. AUSTIN State University and began his business career as a child when he would wake e...en you're behind the counter you should take over the business when you grow up. Jake is no...

                    • Melissa M. Moran

                      Melissa M. Moran

                      About me: I am working as a free agent broker in the Philippines and currently connected with Offshore Services.

                      • daniel mathis

                        daniel mathis

                        About me: Hello I'm Daniel. I am working as an Advertising sales agent. The things I love most in life are hanging with friends, cycling and blogging. Our blog site is all about latest gadgets in the Philippines.  I’ve been Playing Basketball for 7 years, and I really love it.

                        • jorge anibal carcavallo

                          jorge anibal carcavallo

                          I am a: Social Business

                          • made IN - made BY: Verein zur Föderung der Sozialen und Ökonomischen Entfaltung von Migrantinnen

                            made IN - made BY: Verein zur Föderung der Sozialen und Ökonomischen Entfaltung von Migrantinnen

                            I am a: Social BusinessAbout me: made IN – made BY (MIMB) is a Social Business that conducts clothing manufacture a...protected environment. MIMB will stablish business partnerships with designers...ided during the establishment of this Social Business. Furthermore, women will be...

                            • Datse Multimedia Productions

                              Datse Multimedia Productions

                              Company Type: Social BusinessI am a: Social BusinessAbout me: ...t company based in Rossland, BC.  We have not officially launched the business yet, but we are doing some w...collection of clients, including artists, acupuncturists, a school of chinese medicine, a non profit organ...Interests: chinese medicine

                              • Association La Voute Nubienne

                                Association La Voute Nubienne

                                About me: ...f housing conditions on health, economic performance and social life of people involved. Housing, though not adequately considered by global guide-lines of international cooperation,...Interests: Social Business

                                • Jonny5050 - MY Adventure

                                  Jonny5050 - MY Adventure

                                  Company Type: Social Business

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