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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Creating Groups by Countries

      Starting to create Groups by Countries to make it easier to join and start learning, discussing and sharing about the new Social Business Model. If you can't find a SBW Group for your Country, register/login and be the Group Manager yourself! It's easy, fun and motivating! Groups created as of t...

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    • SBW GoGs
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      SBW GoGs

      This is SBW's Group of Groups. By invitation, here all and only SBW's English-Speaking Group Managers or Reference Persons can join to coordinate, exchange their experiences and knowledge.
    • Donators
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      This is an invitation-only group for Donators to SBW. Here you will find and will be able to take part to previews, polls, activities, discussions, events and info on future development of socialbusinessworld.org
      • SBW Team (@admin)

        Add Widgets to your Profile or Group page

          Dear SBWers, a quick note to show you how to enhance your Group page or Profile page by adding Widgets. What are Widgets?      So easy to improve your SBW experience!           And...   Cheers! The SBW Team

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        • SBW Team (@admin)

          Groups on Map! To enhance and engage local action with global perspective

          Dear SBWers, Few years ago the 'Think global act local' concept and movement was a major worldwide topic and...here at SBW we still think so! That is why, other than giving a global idea of who is in our network of socially minded actors by offering a mapping option of each single member (rem...

          Tags: group, groups, map, local, action, engage, create, enhance

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            All Group Tools listed for you to know and share!

            [updated on March, 2017] Dear SBWers, This post is meant to recap all of the features we have added during time to enhance Groups capabilities. We believe now more than ever groups (organizations, institutions, companies, groups of individuals) have a very powerful set of tools at their fin...

            Tags: group, groups, features, tools, list, options

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