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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      SBW's 1st official T-shirt out in few days! Fair-trade, multi-funding, great design by Rossella. Stay connected! :) #socent #socbiz #sbworld

      • Chief Sharer

        We've launched the world's first aggregator of the Sharing Economy compareandshare.com


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        • SBW Team (@admin)

          Interview to Sara from Quetzal. Not all chocolates are the same!

          ...ly) began in 1995 with a fair trade shop, many small local marke...? You have the warranty that Fair Trade chocolate doesn't contain coc...only uses raw materials from fair trade, that is produced by cooperat...our Christmas chocolate to be fair and ethical, we are sure ...

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            SBW in the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce

            Dear Friends, Here at SBW we're very proud to announc...SO, the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce is a g...pting sustainability and fair trade policies. The Worldwide Char...ing the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce on beha..., implementing good faith and fair de...

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            • EleonoraG

              Anteprima EcoStreet

              Domenica 16 Settembre, la città di Arezzo present...ve; un vero e proprio festival dedicato alla Green Economy. Guest star dell’event...t/arezzo/spettacoli/2012/09/10/770280-arezzo-green-economy-fo.shtml  Start time: 1...

              • EleonoraG

                Workshop sull’impresa sociale (Riva del Garda, TN)

                Il Workshop sarà l’occasione per fare il punto sui progetti di riforma legislat...una fiera dedicata ai prodotti delle imprese sociali che operano in ambito carcerario: Fair Ja...

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                • fran torrecillas

                  Status update by fran torrecillas

                  A shoe based on a circular economy , an economy that emulates the operation of the same nature , where everything is useful and garbage concept not even contemplated . One of the most imp...

                  • İşöğüçı

                    The power of social enterprise: Can a forgotten nut boost Nigeria's economy? https://www.greenbiz.com/article/power-social-enterprise-can-forgotten-nut-boost-nigerias-economy

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                    • Bernardo Javalquinto

                      Friedman`s Myth

                      ...protectionism) to a free open economy with the help of the World Ba...xed, and, an open free market economy at that time. As I have stat...themes from the Social Market Economy (SME) used in Germany (second...polititians got in economic affairs and forgot the basics of the mo...

                      • Gianni

                        KaBOOM! A potential Social Business? Let's 'play' with the idea

                        A very interesting article in the New York Times website describes KaBOOM!, an NGO c...that allows experiences like KaBOOM! develop despite the ups and downs of the economy and communities' generosity?...

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                        • REES Marche

                          Raccolta fondi post terremoto Lazio, Marche e Umbria 2016

                            ENGLISH | Italiano | Espa&nt...arche regional Ethical and Solidarity Economy Network) to support othe...irection, made by few solidarity economy districts and purchasing grou...arche regional Ethical and Solidarity Economy Network has for the first tim...

                          • LFBC

                            INSIEME SENZA FRONTIERE

                            ITALIANO - FRANÇAIS - ENGLISH   c’è chi s...e pleignent, mais continuent à faire ce qu'ils ont toujours f...ons et il y a ceux qui essaient de faire quelque chose de constructif...ly's short distribution chain and fair trade p...



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