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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Interview to Sara from Quetzal. Not all chocolates are the same!

      ...ly) began in 1995 with a fair trade shop, many small local marke...? You have the warranty that Fair Trade chocolate doesn't contain coc...only uses raw materials from fair trade, that is produced by cooperat...our Christmas chocolate to be fair and ethical, we are sure ...

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        SBW in the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce

        Dear Friends, Here at SBW we're very proud to announc...SO, the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce is a g...pting sustainability and fair trade policies. The Worldwide Char...ing the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce on beha..., implementing good faith and fair de...

        • Eforpeople

          AUTEURS DU MONDE: la collezione moda di Altromercato

          Ci voleva Marina Spadafora, Ambasciatrice Etica della Moda in Italia, per creare la prima collezione moda equo-solidale di Altromercato, leader internazionale del fair-trade....

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            SBW 2013 TOP 5 Highlights

            ...eally gathers the best part of Italy: lots of people involved in fair trade and ethical economy, all giving their best to bui...sponsible Italian entrepreneurs convinced that the future of the economy must be ethical (Etinomia in...

            • AndreaS

              Lo porto per te

              "Questa è la nostra lettera in cerca...che pone sugli effetti della "sharing economy", secondo la linea di analisi...su questo sito (vedi al tag "sharing economy"). Loportoperte è una...ributo alle spese. Tags: sharing economyData appuntamento: Marted...

              • AndreaS

                Edizione italiana del "People's meeting" di Abiti Puliti a Torino

                Diritti dei lavoratori, reti di multinazionali, politiche europee: cosa possiamo fare per c...zione italiana del People’s Meeting organizzato da FAIR...Novembre, 2015Categoria: appuntamentiChi: CNMSFAIRDov...

                • SBW Team (@admin)

                  Ethical and Responsible Crowdfunding: what is it? Why?

                  ...opportunities for solidarity economy, jobs, allow grass-roots fund...m SBW's to his account. Faircoin. Fee for the donor depends o..., plus 1% conversion fee from Faircoin to Euros applied by Bank of...ng: regional solidarity economy fund managed by REES Marche (...

                  • LivingZest

                    Time to Switch Up Your Beauty Regiment to Something Natural?

                    While most people are increasingly aware of the importance of eating healthy foods, and particularly those grown w...oducts like fragrances, companies can claim that the ingredients used are 'trade s...

                    • SBW Team (@admin)

                      Earth Overshoot Day

                      Dear SBWers, this is to remind you that today, August 19th humanity has finished nature's budget. As a matter of...ing companies and organizations a truly sustainable approach to production and trade....

                      • AndreaS

                        Una dura storia di cuoio

                        La nuova inchiesta realizzata dal Centro Nuovo Modello di Sviluppo e dalla Campagna Abiti Puliti “Una dura storia di cuoio” analizza la situazione lav...

                        • Jeff Mowatt

                          Capitalism is an insufficient economic paradigm

                          An extract from the Business Plan for People-Centered...onal and global poverty as we enter an information economy sufficiently sophisticated by...re those resources. In that sense, the information economy can work to the advantage of...

                          • Jeff Mowatt

                            Social business and the Catholic church

                            ...e to the market, business and economy is that it must have a purpos...t the level of economics. The economy needs ethics in order to func...of wealth in a profit-centred economy but rather a people-centred e...As Pope Francis says No to An Economy of Exclusion Human beings a...

                            • Luca `fero` Ferroni

                              Si avvicina la CONFSL 2015 ad Ivrea il 26-27 Giugno - Hardware e Software Libero e sostenibilità

                              Ciao a tutti, per il 26 e 27 giugno gli amici dell'Accademia dell’Hardwar...ivo OFFICINA H – Ivrea, Via Montenavale. beFair...olidale in Brasile: https://stallman.org/solidarity-economy.it.html ECONOMIA SOLIDALE...

                              • SBW Team (@admin)

                                Social Business World Stands for Net Neutrality. Join us!

                                The FCC wants to destroy net neutrality and give big cable companies control over wh...providers will be able to impose a private tax on every sector of the American economy. Moreover, under Chairman...

                                • SBW Team (@admin)

                                  SBW upgrade completed! Details and thanks!

                                  Dear Friends Today we're extremely happy to make this announcement: SBW upgra...he word [use this link] about SBW especially to Organizations, Solidarity Economy activists, Not-for-profit, B-...

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