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    • fran torrecillas

      Status update by fran torrecillas

      A shoe based on a circular economy , an economy that emulates the operation of the same nature , where everything is useful and garbage concept not even contemplated . One of the most imp...

      • İşöğüçı

        The power of social enterprise: Can a forgotten nut boost Nigeria's economy? https://www.greenbiz.com/article/power-social-enterprise-can-forgotten-nut-boost-nigerias-economy

        • Bonushenricus


          • SBW Team (@admin)

            Status update by SBW Team (@admin)

            "We need a radically different model of regulated trade and controlled investment if we are to have any chance of breaking the cycle of economic and ecological crisis. For the planet to survive, the WTO must die."

            • Michele (@michele)

              Aggiornamento di stato: di Michele (@michele)

              Conoscete i Fair Coin? Qualcuno di voi li ha/usa?

              • Bernardo Javalquinto

                Status update by Bernardo Javalquinto

                we are working on prices if you come to Chile Argentina is F2F april 21st e-learning prices with must go with PPP for each country other wise prces would not fair

                • Filippo Del Trappeto

                  Aggiornamento di stato: di Filippo Del Trappeto

                  Ecco la "Dichiarazione personale di Richard Stallman e Euclides Mance" https://stallman.org/solidarity-economy.html

                  • Bernardo Javalquinto

                    Status update by Bernardo Javalquinto

                    Today is the the most important day for Social Business School www.ensglobal.org via...tions. Dr. Bernardo Javalquinto, Economista www.enesglobal.org PhD Political Economy, MBA–UGM/MIT thesis directed...

                    • EleonoraG

                      "Va anzitutto chiarito che il CETA – ‘EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement’ non è una semplice intesa sui dazi alle importazioni, per facilitare gli scambi commerciali. Si tra...

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