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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Donations, not only money, many THANK YOUs!

      ...our network and will step by step take advantage of all the features we're creating for them to scale up their businesses! Apart from monetary donations - which are always very usefu...

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        Please help maintain SBW!

        ...onsider supporting SBW with your donations via: Paypal o... About page. Why we need donations The study, design and setu...sp;we will create thanks to your donations: by connecting with a worldwi...u'l be able to offer! Are donations Tax-deductible? This depen...

        • Carbery Housing Association

          Urgent fundraising appeal to keep families in their homes.

          ...st contribute the balance, that is 49,250 EUR out of our own funds or donations, towards this purchase, or ap...n you can make or b) any suggestions on who we could apply to for the donations required, or any way in which...

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            Ethical and Responsible Crowdfunding: what is it? Why?

            ...cept for transaction costs and commission on donations received as specified below),...n to offer rewards to donors; receive donations also from those who are not r...is type of campaign only allows in-kind donations ie. for emergencies, nat...

            • SBW Team (@admin)

              Please Help us Share this link

              ...r all Donators, see the campaign page, and pledges can start from just 10$. This is why we love crowdfunding, this is why we love SSG!   Donations are managed directly by SSG v...

              • Michele (@michele)

                (ENG/ITA) - Partners

                [ENG] Dear Friends, After Elgg/SBW event few days ago we keep receiving donations and offers by members, associations and devs to be of some help which makes us very happy, proud...

                • Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D

                  Introducing Goodwill Social Work Centre,Madurai,India-Become a Partner!

                  ...ilnadu {India} and Foreign Contribution (Regulations) Act 1976, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India in order to be eligible to receive donations from International funding or...

                Please help maintain SBW!

                We rely on your ETHICAL SHOPPING at our Marketplace and your DONATIONS via Paypal or via Satispay. See latest Donators.

                Via banktransfer to: Social Business World - Ethic Bank (Banca Etica) - Branch: Ancona (Italy) - IBAN: IT73B0501802600000011519097 - BIC/SWIFT: CCRTIT2T84A

                Consider supporting us now. Thank you!

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