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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Html email template design for SBW

      Hello, We would like to have a beautiful, professional newsletter template formatted in html as follows (examples we like and consider professional in the attached file): obviously the look & feel has to well fit with our logo, font, internal pages and our official t-shirt design encodin...

      Tags: sbw, html, newsletter, template, design, job, socialbusinessworld, social business world

      • marcobinotto

        Design Economiasolidale.net: I COLORI

        Ecco la gamma di colori ufficiali. VERDE (per header e sfondi): #31572c MARRONCINO (per sfondi e titoli): #514837 (era #897A5B) VERDE CHIARO (per link e titoli secondari): #00802b ARANCIO (per link e bordi): #ff7011 VERDE MOLTO CHIARO (per altro): #dbd56e (era #d5e88b)  

        Tags: economiasolidale.net, colori, design

        • Isabelle Andrews

          Isabelle Andrews

          I am florist, photographer, interior designer and so many more. Currently working and creating beautiful wonders at Be My Flower -  a London online flower shop - the dream job for a dreamer like me.

          Tags: nature, craft, arts, design, environment

          • ROBERTO Belli

            ROBERTO Belli

            Sono un ingegnere ambientale specializzato nel settore delle Energie Rinnovabili

            Professional Skills: Design, Engineer, Project Mangament, Software Devolpment, Market Analysys

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