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    • Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence

      Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence

      About me: ...è il risultato di un accordo firmate dallo Yunus Centre di Dhaka (Bangladesh) del Premio Nobel per la Pac...the product of the agreement signed by the Yunus Centre in Dhaka (Bangladesh) of the Nobel Peace Price Pr...

      • EleonoraG


        About me: ...G After living in Japan for 2 years, I moved to Pesaro (Italy) where I worked as Customer Service for various companies in the field of interior design and lighting. Noticing dir...

        • anthony scroggins

          anthony scroggins

          About me: ...Anthony. I am working as a Medical Representative in United States and also in the Philippines. I am currently connected with Tanning peptides, Research peptides, Melanotan research, pt 141 t...

          • samathaspeer


            About me: Finishing my Master’s degree in Fine Arts is one of the greatest achievements I’ve done in my life. My love for designing and styling had been my inspiration for choosing my career and pursuing that path made my life blissful. Sewing clothes and designing DKNY jackets are just few of my specialties.

            • Celebrity


              About me: Celebrity Innovations Limited is a media group with a inspiring culture and history. We are into EVENT PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT(Events such as Wedding planning,Parties,cooperate events,conferences and many more) TV ADVERTISING CONCEPTS DESIGNING. MOVIE AND MUSIC PRODUCTION PRINT MEDIA

              • Nathan Nealy

                Nathan Nealy

                About me: Nathan Nealy loves to learn and discover new things designed and explore the world of designs and arts. He is from Van Nuys, California, USA. WEBSITE: Cheap Brochure PrintingInterests: designs

                • made IN - made BY: Verein zur Föderung der Sozialen und Ökonomischen Entfaltung von Migrantinnen

                  made IN - made BY: Verein zur Föderung der Sozialen und Ökonomischen Entfaltung von Migrantinnen

                  About me: ...MIMB will stablish business partnerships with designers and entrepreneurs in ge...ound of the group will be incorporated into the design of its products. made IN...r joint considerations on strategy, conception, design and implementation process...

                  • Association La Voute Nubienne

                    Association La Voute Nubienne

                    About me: ...e in fragile tin-roofed shacks, and these are the lucky ones. Because of desertification and overpopulatio...elying on three integrated concepts:  a ROOF, a SKILL, a MARKET. AVN has designed an appropriate building...

                    • Lorenzo De Tomasi

                      Lorenzo De Tomasi

                      Your job title: Communication designer, User Experience designerBrief description: Communication designer, User Experience designer

                      • Caroline Fakhr-Laure

                        Caroline Fakhr-Laure

                        About me: Just launched www.allisgood.org to show good projects going on in the world and how to participate in them. Focusing on small-scale projects. This includes social businesses.  The idea is:show the good the project does - show how people can contribute (buy, share, etc.)   

                        • Jeff Mowatt

                          Jeff Mowatt

                          About me: ...and then returning to Ukraine where Terry deid in his efforts to place children in loving family homes. Terry began his work in 1996 with a paper describing an alternative to capi...

                          • Waste2Wow


                            About me: ...eating a 2nd re-use of these redundant billboards which in turn helps WASTE TO WOW to create skilled employment. With over 9 years of experience in design and manufacture of recycle...

                            • Designs by Hannah

                              Designs by Hannah

                              • Boris N'DONG NGUEMA

                                Boris N'DONG NGUEMA

                                Brief description: We are a new educational institution. We would like to play out modest part in the Global Open Education Movement, by advancing the cause of education wherever we are called upon to open. Feel free to join in and support us.

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