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    • Caroline Fakhr-Laure

      Caroline Fakhr-Laure

      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/allisgoodcommunity

      • Sam Hunt

        Sam Hunt

        About me: ...selves.  At first we’ll maximize the wellness of people in our local  community of Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA....collaboration and open source sharing leading to replication in every community worldwide.

        • Monica Clarke

          Monica Clarke

          Professional Skills: Community activist with 30 years' experience; public speaker; workshop facilitator; writer and storytellerAbout me: ...PROTECT ME project from idea stage into action using her skills as a community activist of long standing (se...ranted political asylum in the UK in the early 1980s. She worked as a community organiser for the African Nat...

          • Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D

            Dr.J.Christopher Daniel,Ph.D

            About me: ...families, non-formal employment training for youth, humanitarian aid, community technology services, environm...us UnltdWorld(UK) Global Impact BRIC(Business, Resources, Insight and Community) Award 2009 for social entrep...

            • Cristiano


              Your job title: Export and Community ManagerBrief description: Export and Community Manager

              • Planet Volunteer

                Planet Volunteer

                About me: ...nships, training and skills sharing and connect talented individuals, corporate and charitable organisations, social enterprises, grassroots and community groups to join efforts for co...

                • RVR


                  About me: ...PHP, MySQL, LAMP, Elgg, WordPress   Works: Elgg Developer Channel: Elgg Sites Follow: rivervanrain GitHub: repositories Contributor: Elgg Community Hyves: Web Developer G+: +R...

                  • Gerard Kanters

                    Gerard Kanters

                    About me: ...social network for companies mid 2012 https://www.centillien.com . Some of the software I developed for Centillien, I shared to the open source community and is used on this site, whi...

                    • First Mount Zion Baptist Church

                      First Mount Zion Baptist Church

                      About me: At First Mount Zion Baptist Church, our goal is to provide the emotional support, spiritual enhancement, educational awareness, community resources and fellowship to the members of First Mount Zion and the surrounding community who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

                      • CFDA


                        About me: ...nal and the founder of Centre For Development Alternatives, Chennai, India. I am interested in consulting assignments relating to community based organizations, community led micro finance, livelihood...

                        • Comunità Nuovo Mondo

                          Comunità Nuovo Mondo

                          I am a: Community

                          • epappeci


                            I am a: Community

                            • Candice


                              I am a: Community

                              • Mireya


                                I am a: Community

                                • Samantha Goodman

                                  Samantha Goodman

                                  About me: ...lems of organization and digital marketing. I am a part of Handy Cleaners. I think that we have to take the time to commit ourselves to whatever community we are a part of so we can be...

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