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  • Non riesco a entrare | Non riesco a registrarmi | Ho dimenticato la password | Ho dimenticato il nome utente


    Il link per la registrazione è il seguente: https://socialbusinessworld.org/register

    Se per qualche motivo non riesci a completare la registrazione, scrivici pure all'indirizzo email support [ chiocciola ] socialbusinessworld.org specificando:

    - Nome (quello che visualizzeranno tutti gli altri utenti della community)

    - indirizzo email

    - nome utente (quello che userai per fare login e al quale, come per Twitter, potranno fare riferimento gli utenti della community - es @tiziocaio - può essere uguale al nome)

    - password che vorresti usare su socialbusinessworld.org (poi potrai cambiarla facilmente appena entrato)

    Creeremo per te il tuo profilo.

    Se all'atto della registrazione vedi un messaggio di errore che avvisa di possibile Spam, molto probabilmente il tuo indirizzo email e/o IP è finito in uno dei database antispam esterni a SBW, tipo http://www.fassim.com/ o http://stopforumspam.com/


    Password dimenticata: vai a https://socialbusinessworld.org/forgotpassword , inserisci il tuo username o il tuo indirizzo email utilizzati all'atto della registrazione, clicca su "Richiedi" e segui i passi che ti saranno indicati via email.


    Nome utente dimenticato: nessun problema! Per entrare puoi usare anche l'indirizzo email inserito all'atto della registrazione.


    Nota: il nostro browser preferito e consigliato è Mozilla Firefox, gratuito, open source.

    Scaricalo qui -

    Tienilo sempre aggiornato per la tua sicurezza e per usare SBW al meglio.

  • How can I help?


    many are asking how to help us and we're happy to say that...you have sooo many ways :)

    Just to mention few...

    Our community has to grow, has to become a place in which we all learn from each other and luckily there are so many people we can learn from!

    Therefore, use all of the tools you have, email, Facebook, Twitter, to spread the word about us!

    Then, content is vital. Ask, share, comment what you think is worth it and be sure that many others will appreciate it!

    Also...if you want to help us in growing and becoming together with you a worldwide trend-setting movement...donate what you can (Paypal and Wires accepted, details on the right sidebar)

    On this page a full explanation about donations, please take few minutes to read it, thank you.


  • Tech Help! Can not register, can not login, forgot password, forgot username


     - Please note: our favourite and suggested browser is Mozilla Firefox, free, open source.

    Download it here -

    We also strongly suggest you to keep your favourite browser up-to-date as our platform is updated often.

    If you are experiencing problems registering please try the homepage Register form first by filling in all required fields and clicking on 'Register'.

    Alternatively, please try the same procedure from the Register page here http://socialbusinessworld.org/register

    Also, try using a different browser as the one you are using could be facing issues dealing with our registration form.


    If you are still unable to register our Spam filters are probably blocking you for some reason. Please send us an email to support [ at ] socialbusinessworld.org specifying:

    - Full Name (this is what the whole community will see as your name)

    - email address

    - username . This is the one you want to use to login and be addressed to for Wire messages (Twitter-style, 140 characters, short messaging SBW's internal system)

    - password you would like to use on socialbusinessworld.org

    After that, we'll happily create your account manually and of course, upon logging in you will be able to change your password.

    Also, to avoid being marked as spam by other sites and services please check if your email and/or your IP address is/are listed in http://www.fassim.com/ or http://stopforumspam.com/


    Forgot password: go to http://socialbusinessworld.org/forgotpassword , insert your username or email address provided when registering to SBW, click on 'Request' and follow the few steps sent directly to your email inbox.


    Forgot username: no worries, to login you can also use the email address provided when registering as username on SBW


    Blacklisted domains (due to very high spamming threats):


    If you have an email address with the above mentioned blacklisted domains, please send us an email to support [ at ] socialbusinessworld.org specifying username and password you would like to use on socialbusinessworld.org and we'll happily create your account manually. Of course, upon logging in you will be able to change your password.


Please help maintain SBW!

We rely on your ETHICAL SHOPPING at our Marketplace and your DONATIONS via Paypal or via Satispay. See latest Donators.

Via banktransfer to: Social Business World - Ethic Bank (Banca Etica) - Branch: Ancona (Italy) - IBAN: IT73B0501802600000011519097 - BIC/SWIFT: CCRTIT2T84A

Consider supporting us now. Thank you!

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