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    • Bliss Home Care

      The Importance of Green Cleaning

      Green cleaning is much more than using few chemicals labeled as GREEN.  Green cleaning is defined as a system of cleaning promotes healthy surroundings...spray, deodorants, perfumes, cleaning products, pesticides etc. and...he time with our shoes.  Cleaning is an important part of remov...

      • Michele (@michele)

        Nuova funzionalità: Programmazione

        Ciao a tutti, attivata oggi la funzionalità "Programmazione", utile soprattutto ai gruppi per chiedere, per es. ai propri membri qual è la da...

        • SBW Team (@admin)

          The Wall: New Easy and Fast Sharing tool

          Dear SBWers, today another (THE?) enhancement following up the main request we receive...ge upon logging in. Here it is THE WALL! Take a look at the self-explanatory images below, login to your SBW acco...

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            Chat with your friends via Skype now available

              Dear SBWers, As you see we never stop and weekends are hard-working days for us but joy is stronger and bigger than fatigue so...here we are with another new a...

            • SBW Team (@admin)

              Social Business World, Version 3 is Out! New Features, New Responsive Layout

              Dear SBWers, we're extremely happy to announce today the 3rd version of SBW's platform issued with mobile devices in mind. In short, New Homepage : ...

              • Debora

                Learning about social business

                Social business does not need to be a complicated proposal, it can be a simple solution...nable business?,  Laurie Brown, gave us a good example of this: http://images.businessweek.com/ss/09/04/040...

                • SBW Team (@admin)

                  SBW Members on Map! Helps you find others, helps others find you

                  Dear SBWers, Today something we were looking forward to offer since a long time ago: Members on a Map! We believe this extremely useful to find others and be found by...

                  • SBW Team (@admin)

                    Add Widgets to your Profile or Group page

                      Dear SBWers, a quick note to show you how to enhance your Group page or Profile page by adding Widgets. What are Widgets?      So easy to improve your SBW experience!           And...   Cheers! The SBW Team

                    • SBW Team (@admin)

                      New feature on SBW! Mentions

                        Dear SBWers, today another nice and useful new feature on SBW to help keep conversations going: mentions! Just refer to the member(s) you want to mention in y...

                      • SBW Team (@admin)

                        Introducing Badges

                        Dear SBWers, We're happy to introduce and announce an additional feature to thank most active members by visually highlighting their effort and committment to improve...

                        • Michele (@michele)

                          The Wall: nuovo strumento di condivisione veloce

                            Cari amici, oggi rispondiamo con piacere alla maggior critica ricevuta in questi mesi da molti di voi: il network è bello, ottima idea ma poco pratico,...

                          • SBW Team (@admin)

                            Groups on Map! To enhance and engage local action with global perspective

                            Dear SBWers, Few years ago the 'Think global act local' concept and movement was a major worldwide topic and...here at SBW we still think so! That is why, other tha...

                            • SBW Team (@admin)

                              New feature: automated content import from your site!

                              Dear SBWers, Today a great new feature added to our platform for you to easily share content within the community: automated RSS Feed imports! Problem: Associatio...

                              • Michele (@michele)

                                Nuova funzionalità: Pad real-time!

                                Cari amici, oggi vi presentiamo una nuova funzionalità molto utile quando si ha bisogno di scrivere un documento a più mani, contemporaneamente: il Pad...

                                • SBW Team (@admin)

                                  New and Important feature: SUBGROUPS

                                    Dear SBWers, This is an important announcement for us because it is about a new and very important feature: Subgroups! What are they for? The image below is w...

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