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    • İşöğüçı

      Amsterdam-based Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate brand plans to end #slavery https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/tonys-chocolonely-chocolate-brand-plans-end-slavery-netherlands-teun-van-de-keuken-a8874801.html #Nestle

      • mite

        Status update by mite

        This is terrible! Did you know that Chocolate is the worst water-wasting food? More than beef meat? look at the table on this Guardian article and also here on waterfootprint .org http://waterfootprint.org/media/downloads/Hoekstra-2008-WaterfootprintFood.pdf ...even worse!

        • İşöğüçı

          There is a research paper about the Tony's Chocolonely from Amsterdam's Vrij University (paywall) Tony’s Chocolonely: How a Social Enterprise is Changing the Chocolate Industry https://research.vu.nl/en/publications/tonys-chocolonely-how-a-social-enterprise-is-changing-the-chocola

          • EleonoraG

            Aggiornamento di stato: di EleonoraG

            ...ding to the non-profit Oxfam America, cocoa farmers around the world on average typically make even less – about three percent of the price of a chocolate bar. Obini says there’s not m...

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