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    • Michele (@michele)

      Too Big to fail=too small to succeed? WE NEED YOU!

        Dear SBWers, dear Friends, During last years, especially after the 2008 financial crisis which is anyway still active and showing its (tremendously negative) effects and results wordwide, we all have been told and in some way forced to accept the concept that large corporations, banks, f...

      Tags: sbw, crowd funding, campaign, 2013, start some good, donate, donation

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        Social Enterprise Day 2013!

          Dear SBWers, today, it's Social Enterprise Day and we would like to wish good luck to all social entrepreneurs (and aspiring ones) working hard to develop their social projects all around the globe. We very much hope our social network to become a useful and important tool to promote yo...

        Tags: social enterprise day, 2013, social business, crowdfunding, campaign, sbw, socialbusinessworld

        • SBW Team (@admin)

          Please Help us Share this link

            Dear SBWers, dear Friends, Today we have great News we want to share with you and ask you to share with your contacts if you'd like so.   Socialbusinessworld.org  has been accepted and approved both as venture and campaign by startsomegood.com, a global Crowdfunding platfor...

          Tags: sbw, socialbusinessworld, crowdfunding, campaign, ssg, startsomegood, start some good

          • SBW Team (@admin)

            Is it so difficult to...

                ...give a couple of these up to help SEs worldwide by supporting us? :) ...not to mention that if we all bought less lights for our Christmas trees they would look more natural and the planet would be grateful :)     Please, consider all of the happiness and real h...

            Tags: sbw, campaign, crowdfunding, support us, se, social business

            • SBW Team (@admin)

              Few hours left for a productive Christmas' Gift

              Dear SBWers, few hours left to the end of our crowdfunding campaign. Why is it a productive gift? Because, to use a metaphor, we are not bringing food to the hungry but tools to enable them to produce it, be independent and finally help their community as well.   If you have not already don...

              Tags: sbw, social business world, crowdfunding, campaign, 2013

              • SBW Team (@admin)

                Fuck The Poor - A social Experiment - #Fuckthepoor

                Fuck The Poor" -- Clever Social Experiment By The Pilion Trust The Pilion Trust launched their new and clever but, by some, rather controversial campaign called "Fuck The Poor". The campaign has a message: "We know you care. Please care enough to give.", but you will get it anyways,after you've ...

                Tags: poor, help, campaign, strong, think

                • REES Marche

                  Raccolta fondi post terremoto Lazio, Marche e Umbria 2016

                    ENGLISH | Italiano | Español | Nederlands | Deutsch   After starting some fundraising campaigns, aiming to help individual companies damaged by recent Earthquakes in Italy, this campaign is intended to raise funds which will be directly managed ...

                  Tags: rees marche, raccolta fondi, campagna, terremoto, 2016, fundraising, campaign, earthquakes, italy

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