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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      Here at SBW we think Lo Faccio Bene approach is the right one to build and strenghten real, profound human relationships. Therefore we strongly support this campaign and kindly ask you to help them share it through the web and donate if you can. Thank you so much!

      • Michele (@michele)

        ...triste leggere questo...e noi abbiamo fatto di tutto per condividere questa campagna https://socialbusinessworld.org/campaigns/view/759740/about/after-earthquakes-fundraising-campaign-for-italys-lazio-marche-and-u...

        • Michele (@michele)

          ...emoto centro Italia, dove sono finiti i fondi? Quelli raccolti dalla REES Marche qui https://socialbusinessworld.org/campaigns/view/759740/about/after-earthquakes-fundraising-campaign-for-italys-lazio-marche-and-u...

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