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    • ura soul

      emotional balance needs to be comprehended deeply now

      ...cause it loves you and you are loved. thus rage is the will that seeks balance for you after being overpower...and moving the presence of self into the heart fully, we can begin to balance in a real and sacred way that...

      • ura soul

        uk government claims they need to imprison based on 'thought crime'!

        ...ities and that sometimes radical and 'extreme' change is necessary for balance to be maintained, will not ag...basis of a BELIEF! this is simple stuff to those of us who choose REAL balance.hatred is an extreme dislike....

        • ura soul

          finding true balance in society and the implications for online privacy

          ...riously denied and longstanding imbalance in mind, combined with the ma...so that we can finally bring true balance to our beleaguered planet. le...nd them and how to maintain them. balance points allow for free express...rity is finding and allowing REAL balance in all things. spying on ever...

          • Md. Tarifur Rahman Khan

            A Theory of Social Business (Society Changing Model)

            ...iness is more careful to ensure environmental balance. That’s mean social bus...is on the favorable elements of environmental balance.     &nbs...cture is more careful to ensure environmental balance. So the favorable elements of...

            • ura soul

              hate is not wrong

              ...dislike that this has occurred. that extreme dislike is hate. there is nothing wrong with hate. usually the challenge that needs to evolve before balance and comfort can be experience...

              • ura soul

                there are no 'garbage' emotions. all emotions are needed and need to be felt to be known

                ...e to give us. after decades of emotional imbalance it is not uncommon to feel co...efore, we have no choice but to accept, heal, balance and evolve these aspects in u...hat can get emotions evolving and moving in a balanced way. emotions are vibrations...

                • Carbery Housing Association

                  Urgent fundraising appeal to keep families in their homes.

                  ...oan Offer for 615,815 EUR on a term of 20 years at 4.5% interest. However, they have placed the condition on the loan that we must contribute the balance, that is 49,250 EUR out of ou...

                  • Dr Ashely Von Martels - Naturopath Doctor

                    Naturopathic Treatment For Appetite, Thirst And The Inability To Conceive

                    ...isorder reacts quite well to naturopathic nourishment guidance, way of living changes and also supplements to assist maintain healthy and balanced hormone balance. Aggressive cervical mucou...

                    • SBW Team (@admin)

                      SBW 2013 TOP 5 Highlights

                      ...e we've learned a lot on this world and ourselves. Many new friendships and contacts have born, a few others have (un?)fortunately gone, but the balance is definitely positive! :) L...

                      • Jeff Mowatt

                        Putting Love and Compassion into Business

                        ...e. How are we to compute the possible results which will accrue to the balance of public morality from the f...philosophy: “Substitute personal greed with compassion, and the balance sheets will still work out ju...

                        • Bernhard Oberrauch

                          Baubiologie und Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie

                          ...l;llt wurden, können heute viele Entscheidungen durch eine gute Messtechnik objektiv nachvollziehbar gemacht werden. So existiert heute eine Balance zwischen objektiver Beweisf&u...

                          • Sergio Venezia

                            19 Agosto: Earth Overshoot Day

                            ...ttp://www.footprintnetwork.org/images/article_uploads/Survival_Options_Eng.pdf Asia: Philippines 2013 Ecological Footprint Report: Restoring Balance in Laguna Lake Regionhttp://w...

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