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    • Association La Voute Nubienne

      Association La Voute Nubienne

      About me: ...s adapted to AVN program. The efficacy of AVN's progam has been recognised by, among others, the World Bank Development Marketplace, Tech Awards, Ashoka, the Schwab Foundation, Dubai...


      • EleonoraG

        Buone previsioni per il 2013

        ...) dalle quali mi sono lasciata ispirare :-)  http://www.triplepundit.com/2012/12/2012-year-sustainability-wrap/ http://www.forbes.com/sites/ashoka/2012/12/28/2013-whats-ahead-f...

        • Md. Tarifur Rahman Khan

          A Theory of Social Business (Society Changing Model)

          ...ties of social business are being conducted under different structures. In this regard, remarkable initiatives are Grameen Bank of Muhammad Yunus, Ashoka: The Innovators for the Publi...

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          • İşöğüçı

            ...of leader' In a world striving for more sustainability, social entrepreneurship is increasingly recognized or supported by institutions like the Ashoka Foundation or the Schwab Foun...


            • EleonoraG

              Buone previsioni per il 2013

              Carissimi amici del Gruppo Italia, vi scrivo per farvi i miei migliori auguri di un fantastico 2013, e per aprire il nuovo anno con grande positività. Dopo un 2012 in cui abbiamo visto un grande interesse nel social business e nell'impresa sociale, grazie all'attività di molte per...

              Tags: social business, social innovation, social enterprise, forbes, devin thorpe, ashoka, 2013

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