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    • SBW Team (@admin)

      socialbusinessworld Michele Paolini Altrementifestival 2012.flv

      Tags: michele paolini, socialbusinessworld, social business world, social business, altrementifestival, 2012

      • SBW Team (@admin)

        New video presentation (in italian) by Michele Paolini is online!

        Dear friends, It is our very pleasure to announce that finally the video of the presentation given by Michele Paolini (co-founder of Social Business World) at Altrementi festival (www.altrementifestival.org) is online, in italian language at the moment. A must-watch to better understand social ...

        Tags: social business world, socialbusinessworld, altrementi festival, altrementifestival, 2012, michele paolini, presentation, video, audio, photos

        • EleonoraG

          Social Business World ad Altrementifestival, 12 marzo 2012

          Alcune immagini della serata inaugurale dell'Altrementifestival ( www.altrementifestival.org ) organizzato dall'associazione culturale Don Chisciotte. Conferenza di Michele Paolini, co-fondatore di socialbusinessworld.org

          Tags: socialbusinessworld, michele paolini, altrementifestival, 2012, social business

          • EleonoraG

            Conferenza di Michele Paolini ad Altrementifestival 2012 solo audio

            File audio della conferenza di Michele Paolini ad Altrementifestival 2012 su socialbusinessworld.org ed il concetto di social business. Si ringrazia l'associazione culturale Don Chisciotte. Se preferisci il video, lo trovi in questa pagina: http://socialbusinessworld.org/pg/videolist/watch...

            Tags: audio, michele paolini, socialbusinessworld, altrementifestival, social business, don chisciotte, 2012

            • EleonoraG

              socialbusinessworld Michele Paolini Altrementifestival 2012.flv

              Tags: socialbusinessworld, social business, michele paolini, altrementifestival, don chisciotte, 2012

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